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Majority of football clubs in South of Scotland voted against changes

ITV Border has learnt that three out of the four clubs in the South of Scotland voted against plans to form a single league in Scotland.

Annan Athletic, Stranraer FC and Berwick Rangers voted against the proposals at a meeting today.

Only Queen of the South voted in favour from this region

The plans were passed by 23 votes to six amongst the lower league clubs. But because it needed a 75 percent majority, the proposals were actually carried by a single vote.

It's supposed to be a 42 club solution but it does nothing for the clubs in the third and second division either financially, voting-wise or structurally. We feel clubs from the lower two divisions have been pushed aside. We will be, at best, financially no better off.

– Iain Dougan, Vice-chairman Stranraer FC

Queen of the South back new plans for Scottish football

The chairman of the Queen of the South has given his backing to the new structure for football in Scotland.

Billy Hewitson said that the plans would spread television rights money more equally amongst all the clubs in the new Scottish Football League.

It's not just good for Queen of the South, it's good for Scottish football because it'll lead to a unified body and that will give it more stability.

It provides a better financial distribution model for all clubs in the league."

– Billy Hewitson, Chairman of Queen of the South

Queens were promoted to the old Scottish First Division last season.


Annan Athletic vote against league restructure

Annan Athletic are one of just six clubs who voted against plans to create a single league in Scotland, doing away with the old two tier system.

The chairman of Annan, Henry McClelland has gone on record saying that lower league clubs have been asked to make a dangerous "leap of faith".

He added that he was in favour of reform but not in the way it is currently being proposed.

Scottish football restructuring plans vetoed

Plans to restructure the Scottish football leagues have been vetoed by Ross County and St Mirren at a Scottish Premier League (SPL) meeting.

It was announced that the clubs had failed to secure the 11-1 majority needed to send the plans to the Scottish Football League (SFL).

The lower league clubs including Queen of the South, Annan Athletic, Stranraer and Berwick Rangers, were due to vote on Friday (19th April).

Henry McClelland, Chairman of Annan, told ITV News that as far as he was aware the meeting would still go ahead.

"Our position is that we want to exercise caution. The Scottish Football League is 123-years-old and it is incumbent on chairmen to take decisions for the right reason."

– Henry McClelland, Chairman, Annan Athletic FC

Mr McClelland is against the current proposals because he does not agree with some of the details, but says he would back the integration of the SPL and SFL:

He added that he agreed with 80% of the proposals but felt clubs should re-negotiate on contentious issues.

Queen of the South fans disappointed

Queen of the South fans speak of their disappointment in the club. It's as the board voted, against the wishes of the majority of fans, for Rangers to enter the football league in Division 1. They were one of only 5 clubs out of the 30 in the football league to vote that way.

The other 25 voted for the newly reformed Rangers to enter the league in division 3.


Queen of the South's chairman defends decision

Billy Hewitson, Queen of the South Chairman, spoke to our reporter Matthew Taylor about why the Board voted against the wishes of the majority of their fans.

The club was one of only 5 that voted for Rangers to enter the football league in the highest division, despite most of their fans urging them to vote for the newly formed Ibrox team to come into the league on the lowest rung, division 3.