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How could life change if Scotland vote 'yes'?

In four weeks time, people in Scotland will decide whether to become an independent country.

But if Scots vote for independence, how could life change for people living near the border in Cumbria and the South of Scotland?

Our reporter Joe Pike has been to the UK's only existing international land border - between Ireland and Northern Ireland - to find out.


Henry McLeish: Scots need to think very carefully before voting 'No'

by Representing Border

A former Labour First Minister is warning that the Westminster parties may not deliver the extra devolution powers they're promising. Henry McLeish says Scots need to think very carefully before voting 'No'.

He told ITV Border's Kathryn Samson there's a danger further devolution may slip down the UK political agenda if voters reject independence. Mr McLeish was speaking ahead of an appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

You can watch the full interview on Representing Border, tonight at 10.40pm on ITV Border Scotland.

Former NFU leaders back 'Yes' vote

by Joe Pike

What would independence mean for farmers in the South of the country? Today four former Presidents of the National Farmers Union of Scotland claimed a yes vote would give rural Scotland a more powerful voice in Europe. But other farming leaders warned access to crucial markets south of the border could be made much more difficult. Joe Pike reports.


Salmond questioned over Plan B

"It's our pound and we're keeping it," said Alex Salmond to MSP's earlier today, Thursday 7 August.

The First Minister came under fire in the chamber for refusing to come up with a plan B on currency during his live debate with Alistair Darling.

And with just six weeks to go until the independence vote, opponents are piling on the pressure.

Kathryn Samson reports:

Full report: Independence debate review

The leader of the "Yes" campaign, Alex Salmond, and the frontman for the "Better Together" campaign Alistair Darling clashed in their first televised head-to-head.

The two hour debate, staged by STV, was held in front of an audience of 350 people in the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow on Tuesday, 5 August. And it proved to be much more feisty than some commentators had predicted.

Our political editor Peter MacMahon reports:

'A blow for the Yes campaign but not a knock-out punch'

Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, and Alistair Darling, the leader of the Better Together campaign, clashed in the first of their televised debates, ahead of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

The two hour debate was held last night, Tuesday 5 July, in front of an audience of 350 people in the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow.

Our political editor, Peter MacMahon, looks at what conclusions can be drawn from the event:

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