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Miliband: Shared history means Scotland mustn't leave

Ed Miliband hailed the strengths of the UK remaining united in his conference speech at the Perth Concert Hall. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Ed Miliband has told Scottish voters remaining in the union is the "right choice" because of the the "bonds and the history we share across the UK".

The Labour leader, addressing his party's Scottish conference in Perth, said the history "has enabled us to fight for equality and social justice".

Mr Miliband also spoke of his father Ralph's time serving in Scotland with the Royal Navy during World War Two. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire



Scots independence creates 'massive uncertainty'

The prospect of Scotland becoming independent is creating "massive uncertainty" for businesses, the head of travel firm Thomas Cook has said.

Harriet Green also told the Huffington Post the possibility of a referendum on Britain's EU membership was "unsettling" for firms.

"There are two political uncertainties that are most unsettling for business. The first is the Scottish referendum and the second is the European referendum. Both create massive uncertainty.

– Harriet Green, Chief Executive of Thomas Cook

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Miliband to pay tribute to John Smith in union speech

Labour leader Ed Miliband will use his keynote speech at the Scottish Labour conference to say he "passionately" believes Scotland should stay in the UK, and will invoke the memory of former Labour leader John Smith to make his point.

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Miliband will call on Scots to "honour the legacy" of the late John Smith by voting No in the referendum. Credit: Reuters.

Mr Miliband will tell party activists:

"John Smith was a man who passionately believed in social justice in Scotland - and in the United Kingdom. Twenty years on, that flame of social justice still burns. And we can honour his legacy by winning the fight for Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom."

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Miliband to make case for no vote in Scotland

Labour leader Ed Miliband will outline his plans to restore a sense of social justice to the whole of the UK in his key note address to his party's Scottish conference, insisting that the UK is "better together".

Labour leader Ed Miliband will outline his vision for a more just UK. Credit: Reuters

In an attempt to woo Scottish voters to vote no in the independence referendum, he will set out his vision to create a "country that is more just, more equal, more fair".

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Labour reveals devolution plans for Scotland

Scotland should control two-fifths of its own revenues with the power to raise taxes on the rich, according to Labour.

The party has unveiled the long-awaited findings of its Devolution Commission in Edinburgh.

The Scottish Parliament should raise around 40% of its own revenues, around £2 billion more than the most recent Scotland Act.

The Scotland Act will give Holyrood control over more tax raising powers in exchange for a 10p in the pound cut in the block grant, but Labour believes this should be extended to 15p - giving Scotland control of three quarters of the basic rate of income tax.

Better Together Campaign offers "positive vision" for union

The leader of the Better Together campaign and former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling said he was offering a "positive vision" for staying the UK.

On the day of the six-month countdown to the referendum, Mr Darling added that independence would bring "huge risks".

"What the last few weeks have shown is that leaving the UK would create huge risks and cost jobs in Scotland.

"On what would replace the Pound, how our pensions would be paid and what would happen to our membership of the EU, leaving the UK would be a big leap in the dark.

"This is what Scotland's largest employers are saying. From Standard Life to Shell, and from RBS to the shipyard owners on the Clyde, walking away from the UK means people in Scotland would lose their job. That's the price of independence. It's a risk that we simply don't have to take."

– Leader Better Together Campaign Alistair Darling
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