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Supermarkets "committed" to stocking Scottish lamb

Supermarkets Tesco and Asda were found to have large quantities of lamb from New Zealand and Australia.

"We are committed to offering our customers the best local and regional produce Scotland has to offer and that includes stocking 100 per cent Scotch Lamb in our Finest range in our Scottish stores, from June to December when Scotch lamb is in season and using Scotch Lamb year-round for our core Tesco-branded lamb products.”

– Tesco spokesperson

"We are committed to buying Scottish lamb wherever we can, in fact around 60 per cent of our current range is from Scottish farms.”

– Asda spokeswoman

Imported lamb in supermarkets "disappointing", says local farmer

Stephen Withers owns a farm near Jedburgh Credit: ITV Border

A Borders farmer has hit out at some supermarkets, after a survey found some are still stocking large quantities of imported lamb.

Stephen Withers, who farms near Jedburgh, says many fields are full of lamb right here, and there is no need to find it elsewhere.

He said:

"We are selling lambs for £25 less than last year, in the Borders there is a large number of lambs still on the farm, and it is so disappointing to think they are bringing lambs half way around the world to supply what we have plenty of just in this area.

"Supermarkets are our main outlets and without them none of our lamb would be sold. The butchers take a very small proportion.

"It is so disappointing to think that they are not supporting local farmers when we have so much quality lamb in this area."


Call for supermarkets to stock Scottish lamb

Supermarket lamb for sale Credit: ITV Border

A survey of supermarkets in the Scottish Borders has found that they are still selling substantial quantities of imported lamb.

NFU Scotland, who conducted the survey, say that at a time which is hugely challenging for sheep farmers, they need commitment from big supermarket chains.

Morrisons was the only supermarket to stock only British lamb. By comparison, Asda and Tesco have substantial quantities of New Zealand and Australian lamb on their shelves.

Opening sales of 2013 for prime sheep have seen market prices for the 2012 lamb crop fall to their lowest level since late 2009.