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D&G control room closures debated

Plans to close police control rooms across Scotland have been debated in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon.

Proposals by Police Scotland would see sites across the country shut.

One of the first earmarked for closure is Dumfries, which could close as early as April with the loss of 30 posts.

MSPs from all areas challenged Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill at Holyrood, who visited Dumfries yesterday.

Great tapestry of Scotland unveiled

A part of the tapestry shows the creation of Border TV Credit: ITV News Border

A huge tapestry that tells the story of Scotland's history has been unveiled at the Scottish Parliament.The 143 metre long artwork is one of the longest in the world.

It took 1,000 master stitchers around 50,000 hours to bring the piece to life.

The 160 panels capture key moments in time, including the battle of Flodden, the building of the great border abbeys and even the creation of Border TV!


Borders MSP calls for Holyrood cat rejected

Christine Grahame's calls to get a resident Cat for the Scottish Parliament have been rejected.

The Borders MSP said mice were 'flaunting themselves' around Holyrood and a cat would provide a 'humane deterrent'.

"We have no plans to procure a resident cat. We do however have a specialist pest control contractor who visits the building regularly."

– Linda FabianI, spokeswoman, Corporate Body health and safety

SNP MSP Jim Eadie said the dispute "set the cat amongst the pigeons".

"Pest control is a serious issue and not to address it would be a mouse-take and could even have cat-astrophic consequences for health and safety."

– Jim Edie MSP

Westminster has had a long line of resident cats including the former stray, Larry.

Full Report: New powers to catch illegal cockle pickers

MSPs have agreed new legislation that will make it easier to arrest illegal cockle pickers on the Solway Firth.

In the five years since cockle picking was banned, no one has been prosecuted.

Nine years ago, 23 Chinese immigrants drowned while cockle picking in Morecambe Bay.

You can watch the full report from Matthew Taylor below.

More laws to stop illegal cockle pickers

A bill that will give more powers to tackle the problem of illegal cockle picking on the Solway is expected to be passed in Holyrood today.

Cockle picking has been banned along the Solway to preserve stocks.

However gangs have been seen operating along the Solway, spurred on by the prospect of getting thousands of pounds for each catch.

Emergency services say they fear a repeat of the Morecambe Bay tragedy that killed 23 people in 2004.

Full Report: Chancellor warns Scotland could lose the pound

An independent Scotland could lose the pound - that was the warning from the Chancellor George Osborne as he launched a new treasury report today.

The Scottish Government says it wants to create a currency union with the rest of the UK if Scots vote 'yes' in the referendum next year.

However, Mr Osbourne cast doubt on the idea that a deal could be struck and warned Scotland could be heading into 'unchartered waters.'

Kathryn Samson reports:

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