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Petition for commercial trapping of American Signal Crayfish

There are calls for the Scottish Government to allow American Signal Crayfish to be commercially trapped Credit: ITV Border

A group has petitioned the Scottish Government to allow American Signal Crayfish to be commercially trapped.

The RNBCC Kendee Catchment presented its request to the Scottish Parliament during "parliament day" in Dumfries yesterday.

It claims the species has grown out of control and is costing the region more than £1 million every year.


Whitesands plans 'not yet finalised'

The committee received a petition against measures to tackle flooding in the Whitesands Credit: ITV Border

Plans to prevent flooding in Whitesands are "not yet finalised", according to MSP John Pentland.

A petition against them was today received by the Public Petitions Committee in Dumfries, of which Mr Pentland was convenor.

A local resident claims the multi-million scheme will obscure river views forever and take away safe car parking

But Mr Pentland has said that he is hopeful a positive outcome can still be reached.

“Tackling flooding is a crucial local issue and the Committee strongly believes that the Whitesands situation can still be resolved in a positive, effective way.

"We want to hear more from the local authority on targeted effective plans to combat flooding which can have such a devastating effect on the lives of local people.

Most importantly, plans for Whitesands are not yet finalised. There is still time to reach a positive solution. We are calling on local people and the local council to get around a table and actively engage in working together for Whitesands.”

– John Pentland MSP, Convener of the Public Petitions Committee

'Parliament day' to receive petition against Whitesands flooding measures

Flooding at Whitesands in December Credit: ITV Border

A public petition against new flood prevention plans in Dumfries will be heard during a "parliament day'" in the town.

A local resident is presenting his arguments against the multi-million scheme on the Whitesands, which he believes will obscure river views forever and take away safe car parking.

The public petitions committee will consider two other petitions when it meets at Easterbrook Hall.

The committee can decide if the petitions will be considered by the Scottish Parliament.

'Parliament day' underway in Dumfries

The Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee meeting Credit: ITV Border

"Parliament day" has kicked off in Dumfries, giving local people direct access to national decision makers.

For the first time, the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee is meeting in the town.

Three petitions by local people are to be heard over the day. They'll then be taken back to Holyrood for consideration.

The day also provides the chance for the parliament's presiding officer to go and visit some local school children and businesses to talk about democracy in Scotland.


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Does Conservative leader have new speechwriter in West Wing's Aaron Sorkin?

Credit: 'The American President' - Castle Rock Entertainment

Ever wonder where our politicians get their best lines? Well it seems Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is a fan of fictional American Presidents, and in particaular the scripts of West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin. Michael Douglas plays Andrew Shepherd in the 1995 film The American President - a big screen forerunner of the TV series the West Wing. Perhaps a Hollywood rather than a Holyrood career beckons for Ruth Davidson.

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