Pizza, politics and the referendum

ITV Border Political Editor, Peter MacMahon, blogs on the competing claims over promises of more powers for Scotland

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Opposing Scottish politicians come together in charity walk

Two opposing Scottish Borders politicians are putting their differences aside to walk 97 miles together along the length of the River Tweed.

MP Michael Moore and Council Leader David Parker will complete the challenge next month to raise money for two local charities.

But it may be difficult for the pair to avoid discussing one subject - the Scottish Referendum.

Mr Moore plans to vote no while Mr Parker is in the yes campaign.

Unionist parties offer independence alternatives

The Tories are promising to hand the Scottish Parliament power over income tax if Scots vote 'No' in September's independence referendum.

Publishing the report of a party commission today, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson says Holyrood should set the rates and bands of income tax across Scotland.

The Tories have joined Labour and the Liberal Democrats in promising more power to Edinburgh if Scots reject the Nationalist bid to take Scotland out of the United Kingdom.

But the SNP says a 'Yes' vote in the referendum is the only way to deliver more powers for Scotland.

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Our Scotland Political Editor, Peter MacMahon, reports:

Students join in debate on Scottish Independence

They're key to the result of the vote on independence, and today 16 to 18-year-olds in the Borders have been exploring the issue of whether Scotland should go it alone.

Students took a break from lessons to attend a debate at Borders College in Galashiels, with local politicians taking questions from the audience.

Our correspondent Hannah McNulty reports:


Majority of students vote 'no' to Scottish Independence

Students at Borders College took part in a debate on Scottish Independence this morning.

They heard from both sides of the campaign before voting, as they will again in September's referendum.

The students were asked to answer the question 'should Scotland be an independent country?'

  • No 61%
  • Yes 26%
  • Undecided 13%

That compared to the vote before the debate began which showed:

  • No 54%
  • Yes 11%
  • Undecided 32%

Students quizzed politicians about their future

Borders College students took part in a debate on their future Credit: ITV Border

Students from the Borders have been quizzing politicians about whether or not Scotland should go it alone.

The independence debate has been taking place at Borders College in Galashiels this morning.

MIchael Moore MP and Paul Wheelhouse MSP are leading the political panel - chaired by ITV Border's Political, Editor Peter MacMahon.

Around 170 Borders College students are attending the debate in Galashiels.

Students questioned politicians on Scottish Independence Credit: ITV Border

Students have asked questions to the political panel about everything from education, taxes, business, economy, banks and currency. But the biggest laugh was for the question, "would an independent Scotland do better in the Eurovision Song Contest?"

They heard from both campaigns Credit: ITV Border

At the end of the debate the students, who will all be able to vote in September's referendum, were asked ''should Scotland be an independent country?'

61% said 'No', 26% 'Yes' and 12% 'Undecided'.

That compared to the vote before the debate began which showed Yes 11% No 54% and Undecided 32%.

Borders College debates independence

Students at Borders College will take part in a debate on Scottish Independence today. Credit: PA

Students at Borders College will take part in a debate on Scottish Independence today.

The pupils will be given the chance to hear an overview of both campaigns and ask questions.

After the debate they'll be asked to vote on the referendum question - 'should Scotland be an independent country?' All the students attending will be old enough to vote in the real referendum in September.

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