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WATCH: German-born architect awarded 1944 medal

A 94-year-old retired architect has been given an award, seventy years after he first earned it.

Antony Wolffe was recognised for his outstanding work as a student in the 1940s, but because he was an exile from Germany, it was deemed too sensitive to present the award to him at the time.

Hannah McNulty went to meet him at an exhibition displaying his work from his days as a student.


1944 medal 'a great pleasure'

A 94-year-old architect who has finally received a medal first awarded to him in 1944 has described it as a 'great pleasure'.

German-born Antony Wolffe, who now lives in Dumfries and Galloway, originally won the award for coming top in his year at Edinburgh College of Art.

But authorities didn't give it to him at the time as they thought it would be bad for morale during the war.

Dumfries architect receives medal 70 years late

Credit: ITV Border

A 94-year-old German-born architect who lives in Dumfries and Galloway has finally been presented with a medal first awarded to him more than seventy years ago.

Antony Wolffe came top in his year at Edinburgh College of Art in 1944.

But he was denied the honour because authorities thought it would be bad for morale during the war.

"It's an astonishing sort of surprise and a great pleasure to have this."

– Antony Wolfe


World War II firecart still in use

A firecart from the Second World War is still being used to respond to emergencies in a village in Cumbria.

The cart, which is equipped with several hoses, is operated by a group of volunteers in Dufton.

Most firecarts around the country were returned after the war.

Dufton was allowed to keep this one as it argued that the village is sometimes cut off by snow.

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