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Selkirk recycling centre will shut for 4 months

Credit: ITV Border

Selkirk's community recycling centre will close for 4 months to allow work on the town's multi-million pound flood protection scheme.

The closure begins on Monday 8 February for a minimum of sixteen weeks.

It will allow a diversion route to be used during flood defence work to be extended through the facility.

The nearest alternative recycling centres are at Hawick and Galashiels.


Flood-defence bridge being installed in Selkirk

Work to improve Selkirk's flood defences in 2014. Credit: ITV Border

The latest milestone in the plans to protect Selkirk from flooding is being lifted into place this morning.

A new 90-metre long footbridge will replace a previous one over the Ettrick Water.

It's been designed to stay open during major floods.

Once all the plans are completed, almost 600 properties will be protected from flooding.

Man arrested after serious Selkirk motorcycle accident

Police have thanked the public for their help. Credit: ITV Border

A man has been arrested after a serious motorbike accident in Selkirk, which left the passenger seriously injured.

The 29-year-old has been arrested for dangerous driving and other road offences.

It follows an accident at 8:30pm on Saturday 30 August.

A 29-year-old man, believed to be the pillion passenger, suffered a serious head injury, and was taken to the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

Officers from Police Scotland have thanked the public for their support, following an appeal they sent out to find the driver of the bike.


Police hunt biker who left passenger injured

Police in the Scottish Borders are trying to find the rider of a motorbike which crashed leaving the passenger seriously injured.

The incident happened while the bike was being ridden off-road in Selkirk on Saturday morning at around 8.30am.

A 28-year-old man, believed to be the pillion passenger, suffered a serious head injury.

He's being treated at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

It's believed the rider of the bike fled the scene.

Police are looking for anybody who was in the Riverside Road area close to Victoria Park and the leisure centre at the time to come forward.

This incident has left a young man with serious injuries and we are very keen to trace the rider of the motorcycle. If you saw this incident, or the off-road motorcycle around the time of the crash, or have any information that can help us with our inquires, please get in touch.

– Sgt Vincent Fisher, Police Scotland

Selkirk FC provides poetry in motion

Thomas Clark pens a poem Credit: ITV Border

The new poet in residence at Selkirk Football Club has already penned two poems about being a fan of the Lowland Football League club.

Thomas Clark says there is much more 'romanticism and poetry' in the smaller clubs, and they are a great inspiration for his writing.

Here are two of his poems:

Take Shelter

It’s Scottish Cup day in Selkirk

An aw things are richt;

The redness on the leaves like yon,

The shinin on the watter like yon.

Och, it is a perfect day,

A joke for the guyin o the cynic an the pessimist

Wha woke up sure it would be comin doon;

An no a clood in the sky, nor a drap on the breeze,

Hints at the troubles aheid.

– Thomas Clark

The Timin o the Run

Leavin the pub at hauf past two is plenty,

Take in the fine delights

O the river’s stroll tae Philiphaugh. How quiet it is. How the leaf-lined streets

Barely betray a passer-by.

Even when the rugby boys are at hame,

An their grund is dotted wi blue an red,

Whit guilty pleasure! Walkin on by their gate,

Like passin a rival kirk en route tae mass.

An so we dawdle, in oor watch-checkin way,

Pickin up pace as three comes near,

Turnin the corner at the cricket club

An steppin intae Yarrow Park;

An as the ref blaws his whistle

An the captain claps his hauns,

It’s as if the Souters

Have been stood there aw day,

Waitin for you tae show up.

– Thomas Clark
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