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Full Report: Longtown slurry lagoon plans

If it goes ahead, it would cover an area the size of three football pitches and it would be big enough to hold over two million gallons.

However, it is the contents of this farm-based lagoon that really is causing a stink amongst the residents of Longtown.

An application from two adjoined farms containing a thousand dairy cows has been submitted to build a lagoon to contain animal waste, also known as slurry.


***Andy Burn reports.*

Slurry lagoon "will improve business"

Christopher Gray, from Edwin Thompson Surveyors and Estate Agents, has told ITV News that he does not understand why there is concern over plans for a slurry lagoon to be built on land near Longtown, as it will "improve business."

"I don't understand why there is such opposition.

"This slurry lagoon would be an improvement there would be less need to transport slurry.

"It is in line with Government best practice and it will improve the business."


Slurry lagoon plans stir up discussion in Longtown

Plans to build a slurry lagoon in Longtown are causing a stink amongst residents there.

A local dairy farm says it needs the to build the lagoon to future proof its business which employs 15 people.

An area of land the size of three football pitches is being proposed to hold over two million gallons of slurry.

Chief concerns from the residents are the smell of the slurry, questions over its transportation and the danger to children in the area.

Council planning officers have recommended approval of the proposal but local residents have handed in a protest petition with more than 200 signatures.

"The Environment Agency report does not consider aerial transmissions of pathogens and odour. Why not? "

– Dr James Bell, Chief Technology Officer, Greenviro Ltd.