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Hawick family say THEY have "world's smallest egg"

The miniature egg next to a five pence piece Credit: ITV Border

A mother and daughter from Hawick think an egg produced by one of their hens could be the smallest in the world.

It comes after a story run on ITV Tyne Tees and Border last week, about a man from Northumberland who is waiting to see if he has the world's smallest egg.

The egg can be viewed here.

Paul Rae's egg was about the same size as a 20 pence piece, and weighed about 5g.

Charlotte and Anne Smith's egg is slightly smaller than that, at around the same size as a 5 pence piece."

They don't know which of their chickens laid it, but say they think it could be a record breaker:

"I couldn't believe it, when I went and collected the eggs from the chicken coup I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how small it was. I just kept it because I couldn't believe it and I liked the wee egg, the size of it.

"When I saw it on the TV I thought this egg is definitely smaller."

The miniature egg next to a normal sized egg Credit: ITV Border