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Proposed ban is "major intrusion into people's lives"

Pro-smoking lobby group Forest has questioned the need for a change to smoking legislation, after South of Scotland MSP Jim Hume proposed plans to ban smoking in cars with children.

"Most smokers are sensible enough to know that lighting up in a car with children is inconsiderate at best and research suggests that only a tiny minority still do it.

"Education has to be better than yet another law that would be very difficult to enforce."

"A ban on smoking in private vehicles would represent a major intrusion into people's private lives. What next, a ban on smoking in the home if children are present?"

“We don’t encourage adults to smoke in cars carrying children but legislation is out of all proportion to the problem.”

– Simon Clark, Director, Forest


MSP calls for smoking ban in cars carrying children

A South of Scotland MSP is launching a bid to make it illegal for people to smoke in cars with children in them.

Jim Hume is hoping to introduce a members bill at the Scottish Parliament to bring in the ban.

Australia, Canada and South Africa have laws that ban people smoking with children in their cars.

“Passive smoking is entirely avoidable and a private vehicle is one of the few places a child can still be legally exposed to tobacco smoke.

"I want to change this so that we can better safeguard the rights of children in Scotland and give them the healthiest start in life.

"I'll be making that case to MSP's today when I launch the consultation, but I hope that people and organisations from across Scotland will have their say.

"A host of supportive organisations such as Children in Scotland, the British Lung Foundation, ASH Scotland and the British Heart Foundation will attend the launch today.

"I hope that MSPs of all parties will attend and put their questions to myself and to the experts who are supporting these proposals."

– Jim Hume MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrats, South of Scotland

'Medical groups are backing car smoking ban' says MSP

Driver smoking in a car with children present Credit: ITV News Border

A South of Scotland MSP says he has had widespread support for his proposal to ban people smoking in cars if their children are with them.

Jim Hume says similar laws have been successfully introduced in countries like Australia and Canada.

Children surrounded by smoke in the car Credit: ITV News Border

Smokers rights groups say the government should not interfere in people's private space, but Mr Hume says many medical groups are backing the plans:

"Well I have a lot of support. The Royal College of Physicians are backing me, British Medical Association, British Heart Foundaton, British Lung Foundation, and Cancer Research UK are all backing me and will be helping me with this bill."

A child in the car whilst the driver is smoking Credit: ITV News Border

Car kids smoking ban plea

South of Scotland MSP Jim Hume is planning to launch a campaign to ban smoking in cars when children are present.

Australia, Canada and South Africa are among those countries who have already banned smoking in vehicles.

Mr Hume will consult on a proposal for a Members' Bill at Holyrood.

"Scotland faces an enormous challenge in changing our relationship with tobacco.

"By banning adults from smoking in their cars whilst children are present, we can build a fairer society which gives every child the best start in life.

"It doesn't seem fair that children should suffer from passive smoking during the school run.

"It doesn't seem fair that any child should have to be swallowed up in a cloud of tar and nicotine on their way to football or dance classes."

– MSP Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat