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NHS Dumfries and Galloway goes smoke free

NHS grounds in the region will be smoke free. Credit: PA

NHS grounds in Dumfries and Galloway are to become smoke free from March 31.

"From this date, patients, visitors and staff will be asked to wait until they are off NHS grounds before lighting up and smoking shelters will be removed from hospital grounds.

"This ambitious move to achieve smoke free status in the grounds of every hospital, health centre and NHS building across the country is part of a national drive to create a tobacco free generation within Scotland by 2034."

– NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Council gives plain cigarette packets thumbs up

Cumbria County Council has welcomed news plain cigarette packaging could come into force in England by 2016.

Cigarette packets could be plain from May 2016. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The government has announced MPs will vote on the plan before the General Election in May.

If it passes, the law will mean packets need to be dull brown outside, and white inside.

The legislation won't apply to Scotland - unless Holyrood introduces similar rules.


Electronic cigarette use soars in Scotland

A health charity says there has been a five fold rise in the number of ex-smokers that now use electronic cigarettes in Scotland.

Ash Scotland's recent poll shows that the use of the electronic devices in the country has risen from three per cent to 14 per cent in four years.

E-cigarettes - or vaporizers - produce a vapour rather than smoke and are often used as an alternative to smoking.

E-cigarettes produce a vapour rather than smoke Credit: PA

Galashiels-based Dave Sidgwick told ITV Border he now uses a vaporizer after giving up smoking.

"I was sick of smoking, I just decided I would stop. I stopped last October, I smoked 50 cigarettes a day, and I went onto the vaporizer and I've never felt like a cigarette since."

Full report: Tobacco display ban in Scotland

Large retailers in Scotland are now banned from displaying cigarettes and tobacco products.

The ban will be rolled out to smaller shops in 2015.

Health campaigners say the law - which is already in force in England - will help stop young people smoking.

However, many retailers claim there is no evidence it will make a difference.

Kathryn Samson reports:

Your thoughts on tobacco display ban in Scotland

ITV Border has been asking the public whether they think the tobacco display ban, which has been brought into place in Scotland (for large retailers), will help deter smokers or not.

Below are some of your thoughts.

Anne Ellerton from Cumbria said:

"I think it will maybe help deter kids from starting but not adults."

Colin Riddell from Galashiels said:

"The government doesn't want people to stop smoking they just want to try and show the public that they are 'trying' to stop people from smoking.

"The truth is they need smokers as they make a huge deal of money from the smokers with unrealistic tax on cigarettes."

"The only effect this will have will be on the staff who will find it harder to locate the items. It certainly won't put off current smokers in my opinion."

– Sharon Douglas, Jedburgh

"The only way it will affect is if they stop making them. I'm a smoker, if i cant get them then i wouldn't smoke.

"Keeping them hidden is not going to make a differnce as petrol stations and smaller shops don't have to cover them up so whats the point people will smoke regardless."

– Kerry Yule, Kelso

Tobacco display ban for Scottish supermarkets

Cigarette displays are now banned in large retailers in Scotland Credit: PA

New legislation comes in today to ban larger retailers in Scotland from displaying cigarettes and tobacco products.

Stores that do not comply could be convicted of a criminal offence or receive a fine from trading standards officers.

The ban is already in place in England and Wales.

It will be rolled out to smaller shops in 2015.


Car kids smoking ban plea

South of Scotland MSP Jim Hume is planning to launch a campaign to ban smoking in cars when children are present.

Australia, Canada and South Africa are among those countries who have already banned smoking in vehicles.

Mr Hume will consult on a proposal for a Members' Bill at Holyrood.

"Scotland faces an enormous challenge in changing our relationship with tobacco.

"By banning adults from smoking in their cars whilst children are present, we can build a fairer society which gives every child the best start in life.

"It doesn't seem fair that children should suffer from passive smoking during the school run.

"It doesn't seem fair that any child should have to be swallowed up in a cloud of tar and nicotine on their way to football or dance classes."

– MSP Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat

Government advisors in Hawick and Galashiels this week

A twenty a day smoker spends on average £50 a week on their habit, enough to feed a family of four for a week.

This week the Scottish Government is sending experts in breaking nicotine addiction to pharmacies in Borders towns to give free advice.

Stand location details are:

Mon 21st Jan - Morrisons, Mart Street, Hawick

Tues 22nd Jan - Asda Currie Road, Galashiels

Baby benefits of smoking ban

Complications in pregnancy have fallen as a result of the ban on smoking in public places in Scotland, according to a new study.

Researchers found the ban, introduced almost six years ago, has led to a decrease in the number of babies being born before they reach full term.

It has also reduced the number of infants being born underweight.

Legislation outlawing smoking in enclosed public places, such as pubs and restaurants, came into force in Scotland on March 26, 2006.