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Missing snake 'found under bath'

An eight-foot snake that went missing in Whitehaven was reportedly found under the bath in the same room.

Mufasa the boa constrictor hadn't been seen for nearly two weeks after his disappearance on 18 September.

The snake's owner thought it had escaped down the toilet, but was woken up to a "thud" this morning, and found Mufasa in the bathroom.

Mufasa the boa constrictor. Credit: Cumbria Police

Missing boa constrictor found in Whitehaven

The snake. Credit: Cumbria Police

An eight-foot long snake that escaped in Whitehaven has now been found.

Police have confirmed the boa constrictor was found by its owner at the property on North Row, Kells.

It was reported missing at 6:58pm on the 18 September 2015.

The snake, called Mufasa, is owned by Louise Rogers and Becky Coulter, who posted a Facebook message announcing his return:

Startled awake to a massive thud coming from bathroom, wake up Lou to go check it out to be told MUFASA'S BACK! so happy."

– Becky Coulter on Facebook


Likelihood of Boa Constrictor causing harm 'minimal'

Police say people should not approach a Boa Constrictor missing in Whitehaven.

The snake escaped from a house in North Row on Friday evening.

The manager of the Lake District Wildlife Park, Richard Robinson, says the likelihood of it causing any harm is minimal:

Boa constrictors not poisonous but can be deadly

Boa constrictors are non-poisonous, but can be deadly. Their jaws are lined with small hooked teeth for catching and holding their prey.

The snake can then wrap their muscles around their prey and squeeze it until it suffocates.

Small boas will eat anything from birds and lizards to frogs.

Larger species will eat monkeys, pigs and even deer, by stretching their jaws wide enough to swallow their prey whole.

Although they can swim, they prefer to stay on dry land where they can live in abandoned burrows and hollow logs.

They're typically found in tropical Central and South America, but are exported all over the world.

They can grow up to 13 feet in length and can weigh more than seven stone.

Public warned not to approach snake

The eight-foot long snake escaped whilst being cleaned Credit: Cumbria Police

Members of the public are being warned not to approach an eight-foot snake if spotted.

The boa constrictor escaped from a property in Kells, Whitehaven, on Friday evening whilst being cleaned.

Police say the snake does not pose an immediate risk to the public, but that if anyone spots it they should contact the police immediately on 101.


Snake handed in to Dumfries nightclub

'Disco' the snake Credit: SSPCA

The Scottish SPCA is looking for the owner of a 14-inch-long cornsnake, after it was handed in to a nightclub in Dumfries.

A young man turned up at Chancers nightclub and told the bar staff that he had found the snake slithering along Friars Vennel.

The staff kept the snake, nicknamed 'Disco', in a jug, before handing it in to the police.

The SSPCA are now trying to trace the owner:

Inspector Janet Proudlock said:

"Disco is just a youngster who still has quite a bit of growing to do.

"This means that it would be very easy for him to squeeze through even the tiniest gap in his vivarium and cornsnakes are notorious for being excellent escape artists.

"We'd like to think that someone is missing Disco as he's in good overall condition, however, we do have to consider the possibility that he may have been abandoned.

"Cornsnakes are harmless, popular pet snakes, but we don't often hear of them turning up at nightclubs.

"He's certainly none the worse for his night out on the tiles, but we're sure he'd much rather be chilling out at home.

"If no-one comes forward to claim him we'll find him a loving new owner."

Anyone who recognises Disco is being asked to call the Scottish SPCA Animal on 03000 999 999.

Snake found in Lockerbie garden

The search is on for the owner of a Calafornian King snake, which was found on a front lawn in Lockerbie. 'Elvis' is being looked after by a reptile-loving family until his owner is found.

Elvis was found on Sunday Credit: ITV

The SSPCA has given the temporary home the approval but Elvis will be moved to a reptile shop to be made more comfortable.

Elvis the snake Credit: ITV
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