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Police snow warning

Police are warning drivers to take care on our region's roads over the weekend after the first significant snow fell over night. Snow and ice are affecting many areas, especially on higher ground but so far no serious incidents on our roads have been reported.

"Deteriorating light and weather can lead to challenging conditions especially on narrow rural roads. We ask that all motorists take into account these challenges when driving as too many road collisions are caused by those in control of a vehicle failing to adapt.

Motorists are responsible for their own vehicle and making sure that there are no deficiencies. Please make sure that your lights are in working order and that oil, anti-freeze and washer fluid levels are kept topped up due to increased usage from dirt and salt that is sprayed up from wet roads.

“Winter tyre checks are also important in combating the elements. If you are unable to check them yourself please see a specialist who will be able to make sure that you have the correct tyre conditioning, pressure and tread depth. Some garages offer winter checks for free, so please take advantage of this as it can save lives."

– Chief Inspector Terry Bathgate, Cumbria Police

I fully support the Constabulary’s campaign to raise awareness for motorists about the challenges faced when driving in the winter, and what checks they can carry out to ensure their cars are up to the task. Prevention is by far the best option, so I would urge motorists to take the necessary steps to stay safe, to prevent accidents and avoid prosecution.

– Richard Rhodes, Police and Crime Commissioner Cumbria Police

Snow in South Cumbria

The weather in our region has been mixed today, and some of our viewers were treated to a snowy morning in the south of Cumbria.

Will Rodell sent this photo in. Credit: Will Rodell

Will Rodell spent a chilly night testing out his new tent in Kendal.

And Juliet Cairns, a tourist staying in Langdale, sent this photo in:

Juliet Cairns sent this photo in from Langdale. Credit: Juliet Cairns


Weather causes tough driving conditions

The weather continues to cause problems, with snowfall creating tough driving conditions.

This was the scene on the A66, near Threlkeld, this morning. No one was injured.

No one was injured in the incident on the A66 this morning. Credit: ITV Border

Police have been asking drivers to take particular care when driving on snow and ice.

Borders Group of Advanced Motorists instructor Bill Allison gave some top tips for driving in the winter, which can be viewed here.

Avalanche warnings for Lake District fells

There are warnings of an avalanche risk on some parts of the Lake District fells.

Mountain rescue teams and the national park authority are warning hikers to take extreme care when going to higher altitudes.

It comes as around 100 skiers helped to clear five metres of snow from their ski-lift in Patterdale.

The drifts were deep enough to bury one of their ski huts, as Matthew Taylor reports.

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