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Sturgeon slams PM's 'love bombing to bullying' tactics

Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hit out at reports that the three major parties in Westminster were planning to issue warnings that an independent Scotland would not be able to keep the pound.

Nicola Sturgeon said the reports that the three major parties will warn Scotland would not be able to stay with the pound is a bluff. Credit: PA Wire

Speaking to BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme, the Westminster establishment had gone from David Cameron's "love bombing" back to "bullying and intimidation."

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"It is a bluff, because if this was to be the position of the Westminster government then it would put them in a position that's at odds with majority public opinion in Scotland, it would put them at odds with majority public opinion in England.

"It would cost their own businesses hundreds of millions of pounds, it would blow a massive hole in their balance of payments and it would leave them having to pick up the entirety of UK debt."

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PM warning on currency union with Scotland

The Prime Minister warned that the Chancellor would reject the possibility of Scotland maintaining the pound post-independence, the Guardian reports.

David Cameron warned the Chancellor would not agree to Scotland continuing to use the pound, post-independence.
David Cameron warned the Chancellor would not agree to Scotland continuing to use the pound, post-independence. Credit: PA Wire

Speaking at a press conference yesterday he said:

"The chancellor will be discussing this later in the week. I think it would be very difficult to justify a currency union post-independence. But I think it is very important that we set out these arguments in a very clear and rational way."

George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls are all reportedly set to rule out Scotland keeping the pound if they become independent after the September vote.

Their comments come after the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said a currency union for Scotland would involve the loss of some sovereignty.

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Political parties 'set to rule out Scotland currency union'

Scotland's hopes of keeping the pound if it becomes independent after a referendum later this year have been dealt a blow with Britain's three main political parties set to refuse a currency union, according to reports.

First Minister Alex Salmond's hopes of keeping the pound look set to be dealt a blow. Credit: PA

George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls are all reportedly set to rule out Scotland keeping the pound if they become independent after the September vote.

The Bank of England Governor Mark Carney had previously warned that a newly-independent Scotland would not have complete economic independence from the rest of the UK if it wanted to keep the pound.

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Border controls between Scotland and England?

The impact an independent Scotland would have on border controls is the subject of a fresh row.

Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael's launching a new report which doesn't rule out the prospect of formal controls between England and Scotland.

The SNP has dismissed it as scaremongering but Carlisle MP John Stevenson says controls aren't out of the question:

SNP condemns UK nuclear power deal

The Scottish National Party has attacked the UK government's plans to give the go ahead for the building of a new nuclear power plant. The announcement of a thirty five year deal on the strike price that new nuclear energy will receive was a "colossal waste of resources".

"This deal that will see new nuclear power heavily subsidised by customers for at least the next thirty five years is a colossal waste of resources and a complete betrayal of the Westminster Government’s promise of no subsidies for nuclear energy."

– SNP MSP Chic Brodie

Scottish Independence 'would deliver faster growth'

Independence would "provide Scotland with the opportunity to capture and deliver faster sustainable economic growth, with greater opportunities to tackle key challenges in sustainability and inequality over the long-term", according to a report by The Fiscal Commission Working Group.

It described Scotland as a "wealthy country" which is "on a par with many other successful independent countries".

The panel of experts highlighted a number of key strengths in the Scottish economy, including the energy sector, life sciences, food and drink and tourism.

But it said the country faced a number of challenges "not least tackling the long-term growth gap between Scotland and other comparable countries".

It is clear that over the long-term, Scotland has not completely fulfilled its economic potential.

– The Fiscal Commission Working Group report


Independence Union case

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has begun outlining case for the Union to remain Credit: ITV Border

The UK government is setting out its case for the Union, ahead of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

Westminster says it will explain in detail why people and companies in Scotland benefit from its place in the UK.

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore began outlining the Government's vision if the Union continues.


SNP: Govt report shows 'breathtaking arrogance'

The government is making its case against Scottish Independence today.

David Cameron is releasing the first in a series of reports, highlighting how the UK and Scotland benefit from the union.

Speaking in an ITV Daybreak interview Stuart Maxwell from the Scottish National Party said the UK Government's report today showed a "breathtaking arrogance" over their "supposed" recognition of Scotland as an equal partner.


Scotland would have to 're-negotiate' world relations

Advice on what will happen to Scotland if it became independent from the UK will be published today.

A summary of the report, issued from Downing Street ahead of the publication, revealed that it was an "unusual step" for the Government to publish full legal opinion from experts.

If Scotland became independent, only the remainder of the UK would automatically continue to exercise the same rights, obligations and powers under international law as the UK currently does, and would not have to re-negotiate existing treaties or re-apply for membership of international organisations.

– Government issued summary of the report on Scottish independence

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Scotland warned against independence from UK

The UK Government will today reveal the advice it has been given on what would happen if Scotland became independent from the rest of the UK.

According to Professors James Crawford and Alan Boyle, who set out their opinions in the paper, Scotland would be treated as a new country, having to renegotiate its relationship with world bodies.

Two men wave a Union and Saltire flags in Edinburgh, Scotland Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive

The Scottish Government issued a paper last week, which assuming a Yes vote occurred in autumn 2014, could see negotiations between Scottish ministers and the UK Government, EU and international organisations concluded by March 2016.

Today's publication does not include specific advice from the European Commission on the implications of Scottish independence in the EU.

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