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Full Report: Council tackles youth unemployment

The jobless figure for young people in South West Scotland is amongst the highest in the country.

The local council is now trying to tackle that statistics by starting a new scheme where it pays half the wages of new recruits.

The money is coming from European and Scottish Government grants and could help up to a 100 people aged from 16 to 24-years-old.

Watch the full report from Matthew Taylor below.

Bus evacuated after motorway fire

A bus was evacuated after the engine caught fire near Lockerbie. The bus was travelling north on the A74(M) in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The driver pulled onto the hard shoulder at junction 20 after seeing smoke rising from the engine compartment.

The fire service says passengers left the bus as a precaution, until the fire was put out. They were then picked up by a replacement bus to continue their journey north.


Flood warning: Gretna to Silloth

The high tide at 12:30 this afternoon has triggered a flood warning from Gretna to Silloth including Port Carlisle, Skinburness and Rockcliffe.

Low lying land and roads are ar risk of flooding for a period either side of high tide.

Gretna to Silloth areas at risk include properties at Mossband Hall Marsh, silloth, Burgh Marsh, Port Carlisle, Wampool Estuary, Skinburness Marsh, Skinburness and Rockcliffe.

Campaign to help cut winter fuel bills

The Citizen's Advice Bureau is urging people who are worried about the cost of keeping warm this winter to make sure they are getting the best deal on the fuel bills, and contact them if they need help.

As part of its Big Energy Saving Week, the CAB is telling people to "check, switch and insulate", as energy costs continue to rise.


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