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Spring Fling festival attracting big crowds

Painter showing off her work Credit: Spring Fling

Early indications show that it could be a bumper weekend for Dumfries and Galloway's Spring Fling festival.

It's the 14th year the event has been held and thousands of people have been making the most of the good weather by visiting the artists and their studios.

Around 100 artists, sculptors and designers open their doors to the public over the bank holiday weekend.

Among the most popular venues to visit is Threave Gardens and Estate, where painter Catriona Taylor and illustrator Lucy Hadley have been showing off their work.

“Threave is a lovely venue, people have really enjoyed the chance to meet and chat about art and spend time wandering round one of the loveliest gardens in the region.”

– Catriona Taylor
Blacksmith Adam Booth Credit: Spring Fling

Visitors can follow designated routes around the region, leading them to every corner of Dumfries and Galloway.

In Kirkpatrick Durham, blacksmith Adam Booth has been showing off his work- including letter wracks and bespoke gates.

“It’s been a fabulous weekend so far, with lots of people loving the chance to see so many studios and so many different forms of art and craft all round the region.”

– Adam Booth

D&G summer festivals programme launched

A launch event for the festival programme. Credit: ITV Border

Dumfries and Galloway has officially launched it's summer festival programme.

The schedule gets underway with Spring Fling and the DG Arts Festival both taking place later this month.

The local council say that promoting the area's creative talent brings a significant boost to the wider local economy.

Spring Fling alone brings in around 13,000 people, 50 percent of those from outside the region.

That is good for promoting the arts in the region, but it is also fantastic for the local economy. Spring Fling alone brings in investment of around £1.5 million.

– Cllr Colin Smyth, Dumfries and Galloway Council


Willow weavers showcase at Spring Fling

Geoff Forrest with one of his creations Credit: Collin Hatterlsey

Willow weaver Geoff Forrest has been welcoming hundreds of visitors to his temporary studio in New Galloway as part of this year's Spring Fling festival.

The event is now in it's 13th year and features 94 artists and makers who have opened up studios across Dumfries and Galloway.

Geoff, along with three other weavers, makes everything from traditional baskets to figurative and abstract sculptures.

"I make baskets and anything that I possibly can from willow. Living structures, figurative sculptures, forms influenced by nature, things that hang on the wall, rest on a table or stand on the floor. Twisty, bendy, wobbly, wonderful willow."

– Geoff Forrest, Willow weaver
Geoff Forrest with one of his creations Credit: Colin Hattersley

Mythical mosaics on display at Spring Fling

Kate Anderson and her Mosaics Credit: Spring Fling

Mosaics featuring creatures from myth and legend are among the artwork on display at a visual arts show in Dumfries and Galloway.

Kate Anderson, who has a studio near Kirkudbright, is one of 94 artists from the region showcasing work at the 13th annual Spring Fling.

The event, which runs from May 23 to 25, is a showcase for everything from paintings, original prints, photography and sculpture to jewellery, cabinet making, glassware and textiles.

Last year it attracted around 13,400 visitors, more than half from outwith the region and overseas, and contributed around £1.4 million to the local economy.

Kate Anderson said:

It’s lovely to welcome people to the studio and talk to them about mosaics and how they are made. It’s an ancient tradition and one that has a long history in so many parts of the world, people really seem to enjoy discovering how it’s done in the present and more about its past.

– Kate Anderson, artist

Annual Spring Fling kicks off in Dumfries and Galloway

Diana de Gruyther by the sign pointing out her studio, which is one of 94 open to visitors Credit: Collin Hattersley

Thousands of visitors are expected to head for Dumfries and Galloway today for this weekend's annual Spring Fling festival.

A total of 94 studios across the region are set to welcome people from all over the UK and overseas for the visual art and craft event.

This year's festival is also hoping to attract food lovers.


Spring Fling 2014 begins

The Spring Fling has now become become Scotland's premier open studios event Credit: ITV News Border

From Labyrinths in the shape of a brain to painted horse blankets and handmade clogs, this year's Spring Fling has everything on offer.

The event aims to open up artists studios from across the region in a bid to help the public see the amazing talent on offer in the area.

There's even the chance to see how clogs are made Credit: ITV News Border

Almost 100 studios are open across Dumfries and Galloway, stretching from Stranraer to Langholm.

Each one offers the chance to see a different form of art work from paintings and photography to pottery and weaving.

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