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Council leaders demand more powers for English regions

The leader of Cumbria County Council has called for more powers to be given to the English regions.

Stewart Young is one of more than 100 council leaders who are demanding changes from the Government. They've written to the Chancellor, George Osborne, following the plans to devolve extra powers to Scotland.

The leaders believe the English regions would be able to manage the cuts to their budgets more effectively and say continuing the current system is no longer an option.

New leader ready to take on "a range of issues"

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have officially taken over the running of Cumbria County Council following the local elections.

After the heavy losses suffered by the Conservatives, Labour's Stewart Young was elected as leader of the council this morning:

No party holds more than half of the seats so Labour will run the council in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.


Cumbria County Council elects new leader

Labour's Stewart Young, from Carlisle, has been elected as the new leader of Cumbria County Council.

His party won the most seats at the recent county council elections and will run the council in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Democrat Jo Stephenson, from Windermere, has been elected deputy leader.

For the previous four years the Conservatives were the biggest party on the county council and were in coalition with Labour, but Labour became the biggest party at this month's elections.

"Clearly the financial crisis is looming over everything else and we need to tackle that and we will tackle that but I think as well as that we need to invest in the county.

"There's a desperate need to bring additional jobs."

– Councillor Stewart Young

James Airey, from Ulverston, will be the Conservative and opposition leader.

The Conservatives say they fear that rural areas will lose out under the new administration.