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Superhero showcase is an 'amazing collection of limited edition art'

"The collection showcases some of the most iconic comic book covers ever to have been created, chosen, curated and hand signed by legendary comic book editor Stan Lee.

"We are incredibly excited to have this amazing collection of limited edition art at Treeby and Bolton."

– Carolyn Imber, Art advisor, Treeby and bolton


Superheroes arrive in Cumbria

The Amazing Spider-Man as he appears in the Superheroes exhibition Credit: Treeby and Bolton

Six iconic superheroes are starring in the debut 'Marvel Comics' art exhibition at a gallery in Cumbria.

Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk are part of the collection on display at Treeby and Bolton in Keswick.

Each limited edition piece has been signed by the 90-year-old American comic book legend Stan Lee.

Other superheroes include The Invincible Iron Man, The SilverSurfer, Giant Size X-Men and The Avengers.