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Lake users happy with Windermere experience

Survey to find out how happy the general public are when visiting Windermere. Credit: ITV News Border

A survey by South Lakeland District Council of lake users has shown three-quarters of respondents are happy with their experience visiting Windermere.

The survey is designed to gather information on lake usage and is an opportunity for lake users to rate and comment on facilities and services. It is open to all lake users and this year’s attracted 529 complete useable responses.

In answer to the question asking how satisfied or dissatisfied users are with their experience using the lake 76% said they were ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ satisfied, compared to just 12% who were dissatisfied.

76% very satisfied with the experience using the lake. Credit: ITV News Border

When asked how they rated facilities 63% said public slipways were either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, advice and help was rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ by 53%, car parks (49%) and public jetties (46%).

They were also asked about lake rescue and safety services 93% said they valued the service, and almost all the respondents (94%) who had been rescued at some point on the lake rated the rescue service as either ‘excellent or ‘good’.

Respondents to the survey were also invited to add comments on any other matters about their use of the lake.

Some of those comments referred to the 10mph speed limit on the lake, with some people asking whether the limit could be reviewed or an area set aside for water sports. A number of other comments said the speed limit should be retained or more strictly enforced.

The survey and comments were presented to the last meeting of the Lake Administration Committee. The comments about the speed limits were discussed and it was agreed that further analysis of the comments was required.


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