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Calls for 'Great Tapestry' to be housed in Hawick

MSP John Lamont next to the tapestry Credit: John Lamont

Borders MSP John Lamont is backing calls for the Great Tapestry of Scotland to be permanently housed in Hawick.

The Tapestry tells the story of Scotland from pre-historic to modern day times.

The artwork, which is a record-breaking 143 metres long, was created by hundreds of volunteer stitchers from across the Borders and the rest of Scotland.

It is on display in the Scottish Parliament and some of the local stitchers are asking for it to be housed in Hawick, due to its strong links to the textiles industry.

John Lamont said:

“The Great Tapestry of Scotland is a truly unique piece work that tells the story of Scotland from its very beginning to the present day.

"To stitch a tapestry that is 143 metres long must have taken a lot of effort, and I know that volunteers from the Borders and around Scotland contributed to making it.

“Despite only being on display in the Scottish Parliament for a few days it has already been seen by hundreds of visitors who want a glimpse of this record-breaking piece of art.

"However, after it has toured around Scotland and abroad Creative Scotland will be looking for a permanent home for it.

“With Hawick’s unique history and links to the textiles industry, I can think of no better place for it to be homed. That is why I am backing calls for the tapestry to be moved there once it has finished touring Scotland.

“Not only would this be a fitting place for it to be displayed, it would also provide a welcome tourist boost for the town as people would undoubtedly travel to come and visit it.

Great tapestry of Scotland unveiled

A part of the tapestry shows the creation of Border TV Credit: ITV News Border

A huge tapestry that tells the story of Scotland's history has been unveiled at the Scottish Parliament.The 143 metre long artwork is one of the longest in the world.

It took 1,000 master stitchers around 50,000 hours to bring the piece to life.

The 160 panels capture key moments in time, including the battle of Flodden, the building of the great border abbeys and even the creation of Border TV!