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Tebay remembered a decade after tragedy

A memorial service has been held to mark the tenth anniversary of the Tebay disaster. Four men died when they were hit by a runaway wagon as they worked on a railway line in Cumbria.

Safety improvements have been made since the tragedy with a warning system for maintenance staff due to be rolled out later this year, but the RMT Union said measures are 'too late, too little'. Hannah McNulty reports

RMT: Secondary protection 'too late, too little'

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union has welcomed the introduction of a secondary warning system for rail workers but says it has come too late.

10 years is far too long. It should have been brought in immediately. We understand the finances, we understand the excuses but we've been calling for this for a decade. We welcome it now but it's still too late, too little"

– Peter Pinkney, RMT Union


Warning system due to be implemented a decade after tragedy

Network Rail says a secondary protection system to protect track workers has been trialled and is due to be introduced in June. The company also says it's fitted a "failsafe" braking system in the type of vehicles involved in the Tebay accident and made improvements to wagons.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our workforce and the travelling public. All the recommendations made by the independent safety investigator into the accident have been implemented. Controls for the use on track plant equipment have been much improved and vehicles of the type that caused the Tebay accident are now fitted with a failsafe braking system. **We have also been working closely with the RMT union on engineering from scratch a secondary protection system for our track workers that has been successfully trialled in the north west of England over the last year.

– Network Rail

Memorial 10 years on from Tebay rail disaster

Relatives, friends and colleagues of four railway workers killed in a rail accident near Tebay in 2004 have gathered to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the disaster.

Local people met at a memorial site in Tebay, Cumbria, to remember Credit: ITV

The four men - three from Lancashire, one from Cumbria - were working on the West Coast Mainline, when they were hit by a runaway wagon.

Tebay tragedy commemorations to be held on Saturday

Commemorations are due to take place to mark the anniversary of the Tebay tragedy.

Saturday 15 February will mark 10 years since the incident which killed four people.

Rail union RMT will be joined by colleagues, campaigners, friends and relatives this Saturday to call for secondary protection to be introduced for vulnerable track workers.

The service will take place at the Tebay memorial site just to the south of Tebay village off the A685 at 12pm.

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