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Hawick textile summit

Members of the textile industry have been invited to a summit organised by the Scottish Government.

The event will be chaired by Finance Minister John Swinney at Peter Scott Knitwear.

"I am keen to understand better the challenges facing your sector and to identify areas where the Scottish Government and its key agencies can work with you to support continued and sustainable growth.

"Textile industry bosses say they are looking for more support from the Scottish Government for apprenticeships and trainee schemes."

– Finance Minister John Swinney

Full Report: Mongolian delegation visits Hawick

It travels all the way from Mongolia to the Scottish Borders - and from the Scottish Borders it is exported around the world.

Last year 1.4 million pounds worth of cashmere came to the country, and such is its importance that today the region was visited by the Mongolian ambassador and the Central Orchestra of the Mongolian Armed Forces.

Watch the full report from Andy Burn below.


Mongolian Ambassador: "We are honoured to be invited to Hawick"

The ambassador of Mongolia, Narkhuu Tulga, has been speaking of the hard work behind today's visit to Hawick ahead of the delegation's arrival:

“We have all worked very hard to bring this project to fruition.

"Officials and senior officers in Defence, Foreign Affairs and other ministries met with the Tattoo Producer in February and he was hugely impressed by all that he saw in Mongolia, not only in Ulaabaatar but also in the countryside as well.

"We are honoured to be invited to Hawick and I look forward very much to touring the facilities at Hawick Cashmere and meeting everyone involved.”

– Ambassador Tulga

Mongolian delegation to visit Hawick

The Mongolian Ambassador will lead a delegation to Hawick to explore opportunities in textile manufacturing.

The Borders MP Michael Moore will host the visit by Ambassador Tulga - who is looking at cashmere manufacturing.

There will also be a performance in Hawick by the 70 strong Central Orchestra of the Mongolian Armed Forces.

It is the first official visit by Mongolian officials to the town.


Calls for Reid and Taylor grant money to be repaid

It's emerged that a textile mill which closed with the loss of 35 jobs took 92 thousand pounds worth of tax payers' money in loans and grants.

The owners of the Reid and Taylor mill in Langholm were given the money in 2011.

The firm went into administration last month and was closed for good two weeks ago.Local MSP Joan McAlpine has written to the Scottish Goverment to find out if any of the money can be reclaimed from the company's former owners, S Kumpars group of India.

She says that it was right to support the company at the time but believes that there may be a case for the parent group to repay part of the money so that it can be re-invested in Langholm.

Care home for Langholm "a priority"

The Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell says that a new care home for Langholm is now a top priority.

Speaking after a mini summit meeting to discuss the future of the town he said a care home would help to bring back jobs to Langholm which has seen 83 posts lost in 6 months.

The obvious thing to press ahead with is a new care home as a priority. It would provide a new service and be a significant employer as well."

– David Mundell MP, Dumfriesshire (Conservative)

The Dalarran Nursing Home in Langholm closed earlier this year with the loss of 25 jobs.

The company which ran the home, Welcare Homes, had planned to build a brand new facility in the town but failed to get the financial backing.

Meeting provides assurances over hospital

Talks to secure the future of Langholm have led to a comitment to keep the cottage hospital in the town.

Councillor Denis Male who attended the meeting said that NHS Dumfries and Galloway has promised that a hospital will be provided in future for between eight and 12 beds.

We had a full and informative meeting and we're delighted by a promise by NHS Dumfries and Galloway to maintain a cottage hospital with eight to 12 beds. We hope to see things move forward to supply the care needs of Langholm."

– Cllr Denis Male, Dumfries and Galloway Council (Conservative)

Cllr Male is putting forward a motion at today's full council meeting in Dumfries to ask for a meeting with the owners of the Reid and Taylor mill building, The Cumberland Building Society.

He wants the mill, which closed earlier this month, to be resurrected as a community-led textile company.

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