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'The Helm is becoming impassable'

A natural beauty spot in Cumbria, is being damaged by vehicles driving off road, performing stunts and churning up the ground.

'The Helm', in Kendal, is a popular walking spot and is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

"I am a regular walker on the Helm as are many other members of the community.

"Some areas of the Helm have become impassable, even on foot, because of the selfish behaviour of others.

“Looking at some of the tracks it is obvious there is a real danger of drivers losing control.

"They risk their vehicles turning over, causing serious injury to drivers, passengers and anybody who happens to be in the area.

“It is believed that most if not all of these incidents are occurring during the hours of darkness."

– Sergeant John Stephens, Cumbria Police

Anybody who sees any vehicles being driven off road onto the Helm is asked to take note of the registration number and contact Kendal Police on 101.