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Local MP calls for decision over Lake District National Park boundaries

Lake District National Park Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Local MP Tim Farron has called for a decision regarding proposals to extend the boundaries of some national parks, including the Lake District National Park.

The proposals were first set out by Natural England in 2011 in a bid to increase the areas that can be conserved.

However, some residents and business say that if passed, the proposals would mean much tighter planning regulations.

Last year, a public inquiry was held after five councils, including Cumbria and Eden District , opposed the changes.

Mr Farron says the current uncertainty over the plans is worse than either outcome and has called for a decision to be made.


South Lakes MP wants high speed rail for Carlisle

Parliament has been asked to consider building a high speed rail link between Newcastle and Carlisle, after the Chancellor promised one between Leeds and Manchester on Monday.

The line wouldn't be build for decades, with the link between London and Birmingham still a long way off from being started.

However, South Lakes MP Tim Farron says improving infrastructure in the north means thinking further than Manchester.

Local MP 'demands' PM protects Westmorland General Hospital

South Lakes MP, Tim Farron, has demanded that David Cameron protect the Westmorland General Hospital.

During Prime Minister's Questions Farron asked the Prime Mister to protect the hospital after it was announced that hospital bosses were thinking of 'gifting' the hospital to social enterprise.

It's claimed two whistle blowers said social enterprise is 'a euphemism' for a private company that already runs another NHS hospital.

“I am grateful that the Prime Minister has agreed to my demand to look into the situation at Westmorland General Hospital. I am deeply disturbed by these proposals to ‘gift’ our hospital to a private company or to remove services. I hope the Prime Minister will join me and our campaign to protect our hospital."_

– Tim Farron, MP

Over 3,000 local residents have signed his 'Hands off our hospital' petition in less than a week.


Warning that lights could go out in Cumbria

The warning comes after a row over lamp posts Credit: Stephen Pond/PA Archive/Press Association Images

MP Tim Farron has warned that street lights could be switched off in rural areas in Cumbria after a row over lamp posts.

In some cases, telecoms and electricity companies own the poles but the council owns the lights.

The firms want councils to buy the poles after healthy and safety fears about workers scaling them to check the lights.

South Lakes MP welcomes fall in unemployment

The MP for South Lakes Tim Farron has welcomed figures released today which show that unemployment has fallen in South Lakeland.

According to figures released by the Office of National Statistics, Westmorland and Lonsdale's unemployment rate fell to just over one percent of the population aged 16 - 64.

This meant that there were 119 fewer claimants than in July 2012 and 10 fewer claimants than last month.

"This announcement is heartening news for our local economy, and shows the continued resilience of South Lakeland's businesses to an extremely challenging economic climate.

“That said, we must remember that the South Lakes has a large elderly population which is not included in these figures. Whilst it is good news that our unemployment rate is so low, wages are also often lower here as the South Lakes has a higher percentage of seasonal workers than other places in the region.

"This is why it is so important that we continue pushing for well paid jobs and apprenticeships for our community."

– Tim Farron MP

Government to officially recognise historic counties

South Lakes MP Tim Farron has welcomed the announcement from the government that they are encouraging the marking and continued use of Westmorland and Cumberland.

A large number of counties were "administratively abolished" by the government in the Local Government Act 1972.

However, the Department of Communities and Local Government are to confirm that historic and traditional counties throughout England will remain.

Counties like Westmorland and Cumberland are now also officially recognised by the government.

"I hope the government will now use the terms Westmorland and Cumberland more often and support our historic counties.

"I will keep asking them to use the titles and to fly our flags on community buildings throughout our area.

"The next time there is a reorganisation of local government it is essential that there are moves to restore Westmorland and Cumberland as administrative counties too.”

– Tim Farron MP, Westmorland and Lonsdale

Local MPs pay tribute to Thatcher

Local MPs Tim Farron and Russell Brown have paid tribute to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who died this morning following a stroke:

Sad to hear about Thatcher. She was a pioneer for women in politics and changed the face of Britain

-@timfarron via Twitter

My sympathy and condolences to Margaret Thatcher's family. Britain's first woman Prime Minister and a hugely influential figure in politics

-@russellbrownmp via Twitter

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