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Twynholm weir removed to improve river ecology

A major project is underway to improve the prospects for fish in a river in Dumfries and Galloway.

Work has begun to remove a weir in the Old Mill Burn near Twynholm, which will give migrating fish like salmon and trout access to a further 10 kilometres of water.

Lori Carnochan reports.

Antiques stolen in raid on house in South West Scotland

Antique summer seat, one of the items taken. Credit: Police Scotland

Thieves have stolen some antique furniture in a raid at a house in Dumfries and Galloway. The police say that a number of valuable items were taken from the home in Twynholm including a dark wooden table, a grandfather clock face, a brass sun dial and a cast iron and wood summer seat.


Coulthard pays tribute to 'super' sister

David Coulthard spoke movingly of his family's loss:

We are here to remember my sister, the Lynsay who would always find a way of making fun and a way of shocking. I’ll remember her of course as my wee sister, born on April Fools Day but was no fool and was far from it. Being Easter my father would call her ‘super chic’ and that’s what I called her as well because she was ‘super.’

“She was absolutely beautiful and in love with Will. My family want to pay tribute all the support we have had from people here and from all over"

– David Coulthard