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Brown water reportedly flowing from Carlisle taps

The company is offering advice. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Archive/PA Images

Brown water has been flowing from taps in homes in the CA3 area of Carlisle.

United Utilities says it's received a number of calls from concerned residents, who have noticed discoloured water.

The company says it is because of a disturbance to the pipes in the area.

These pipes have naturally occurring sediments and minerals at the bottom, which can get disturbed from time to time.

We know it doesn’t look nice but don’t worry, it’s unlikely to be harmful and will settle down again with time. You can help with this by letting your cold water tap run at a slight trickle until your water runs crystal clear again.

In the meantime we have one of our inspectors keeping an eye on this to make sure it settles back down again soon. We’re sorry if this has affected you getting on with your everyday jobs.

– United Utilities

People urged to wrap pipes before cold spell returns

People are being urged to wrap their external pipes before the cold spell returns.

Thousands of people end up with burst pipes every year because they've been allowed to freeze over.

Burst pipes can cause a huge amount of water damage, as well as extensive repair bills.

Simon Bullen, from United Utilities, has some helpful advice on what to do if you have burst pipes, and more importantly, how to prevent it from happening.

He's been speaking to our reporter Lori Carnochan:


Cogra Moss reservoir will not be permanently drained

Cogra Moss Credit: ITV Border

A popular Cumbrian reservoir will not be permanently drained, according to the company that owns it.

United Utilities was considering draining Cogra Moss, in X, to return it to its natural form.

It was one of two options for the reservoir, because a dam there needs refurbishing.

That led to campaigns against the proposal, because many people consider the area to be a beauty spot, and it is popular with anglers.

The company has now opted instead to reduce the water levels for a short time, to allow the repairs to take place.

A public exhibition will be held in the new year, to show what this work will entail.

We have taken everything into consideration from the safety of the public, needs of wildlife and the local community’s love of the area with the required investment for the two options available.

This study has allowed us to arrive at the best long-term solution for the site.”

– Paul Phillips from United Utilities

Anglers warning over Cumbria beauty spot

Cogra Moss Credit: ITV Border

Cogra Moss, which is no longer part of the water network, is under threat because a dam there needs refurbishment.

United Utilities says the idea is just one option being considered, but anglers claim the West Cumbrian beauty spot will be destroyed if the reservoir is drained.


Million pound project for new water supply

A multi-million pound project to provide people with a water supply in West Cumbria for the next few decades is starting to take shape.

Water company United Utilities are looking for new water sources as an alternative to Ennerdale water.

They also need help from local residents to prevent drought. Jenny Longden reports.

West Cumbria could be linked to Thirlmere reservoir

United Utilites hopes that by 2025 west Cumbria will have a new water supply.

It is looking at whether new water sources of water can be found or Copeland and Allerdale could get it's water supply from Thirlmere.

Once they've decided on a new source Ennerdale Water will never be used again. Until then they may have to put up drought orders every few years to minimise impact to the lakes habitat.

“Until then, balancing the water needs of people and the environment in west Cumbria is a bit trickier than it used to be. Luckily, Ennerdale’s lake level recovers quickly from dry spells, so, when we do ask people to save water, it shouldn’t be for long, and probably only about once every two and a half years on average.

“We will be doing our own bit too, by driving down leakage, reducing our own water use and using tankers to top-up treated water storage reservoirs with water from other parts of Cumbria, if we need to.”

– Dr Richard Blackwell, United Utilities’ supply and demand manager

How should west Cumbria's water be protected?

United Utilities are spending millions of pounds searching for new water supplies for west Cumbria in a bid to protect the natural habit of current water sources.

Homes in Copeland and Allerdale are currently served by Ennerdale Water.

Engineers hunting new water sources for homes and businesses in the west of the county will start investigating the routes of potential new pipelines over the next few weeks.

The project could take United Utilities until 2025, and environmental experts say it is vital to protect some of the UK’s most vulnerable habitats, like Ennerdale.

Until the supply is in place United Utilities want to know how homeowners think they should protect the water source during a drought.

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