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Students in Cumbria hope new exhibition will help secure jobs

A photography exhibition highlighting Cumbrian students work hopes to boost their job prospects.

The work is based on a collection of subjects, from the way social media fits into our lives to journeys and the memories associated with them.

The students have not yet completed their final year but have put their work on show for the public and potential employers.

"All of the project has been off our own backs.

We've been working since November to put the whole exhibition together. It's been great professional develop for all of us, we have learnt a lot.

We just wanted to sort of create and exhibition not just for photographers like us, but also for the general public to come in and see."

– Miriam Goodman, Student

Snow leopards get a helping hand from Cumbrian conservationists

A group of researchers from Cumbria are going to to be heading out to Asia to help preserve an endangered species

The team from the University of Cumbria beat off competition from around the world to be awarded a grant to investigate how many snow leopards remain in Kazakstan.

The Snow Leopard Network have awarded the team money for them to carry out research, which will also include how climate change is impacting on their numbers. Hannah McNulty reports.


New course to help with Dementia education

A new curriculum has been set-up to improve Dementia education in the UK.

The University of Cumbria is one of a group of universities to launch the programme for health and social care professionals.

The course will help improve knowledge and skills for staff who work with people suffering from dementia.

We spoke with Linda Morrison, Programme Leader of Health and Social Care at The University of Cumbria.

Cumbrian university develops new dementia curriculum

The University of Cumbria is one of a number of universities who have announced that they have developed a new curriculum to improve dementia education across the country.

The new curriculum is being used to boost the content of higher education programmes for health and social care professionals such as nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and social work.

The university is one of 53 universities in the Higher Education for Dementia Network.

Cumbria University helps launch new dementia curriculum

Cumbria University is helping to fight dementia. Credit: PA

Cumbria University has helped develop a new curriculum to help higher education institutions teach their students about dementia.

The curriculum will be used on health and social care courses across the country. It is hoped that it will lead to a better understanding of the disease among the nurses and social workers of the future.

Cumbria University is one of 53 British universities in the Higher Education for Dementia Network (HEDN), which developed the curriculum.

Linda Morrison, who teaches Health and Social Care at Cumbria University, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for those who provide services to people with dementia, as education specialising in dementia care is now gaining the recognition that it deserves.”

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