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Abbotsford Trust "delighted" with visitor numbers

“Scott left a huge global cultural and literary legacy and we’re delighted that the newly transformed Abbotsford is rekindling an interest in this great man.

"While we have always believed in the potential of Abbotsford and Sir Walter Scott to attract visitors to the region, these visitor figures have surpassed even our expectations and it’s heartening to see people from so many different countries, including the emerging markets of India and China, being drawn to this special place.

"We’re extremely pleased that this new chapter in Abbotsford’s life has been so warmly welcomed, bringing new people to enjoy not just Abbotsford but, we hope, other towns and attractions in the local area too.”

– Jason Dyer, Chief Executive, The Abbotsford Trust

Huge visitor numbers for Abbotsford House

Abbotsford House in the Scottish Borders Credit: ITV News Border

Almost 25,000 people have visited Sir Walter Scott's former home in the Scottish Borders since it re-opened at the start of July.

Her Majesty The Queen opened Abottsford House following a £12 million restoration project lasting five years.

An additional 21,000 visited the gardens and Visitor Centre in the months leading up to the re-opening, which amounts to around 46,000 visitors for the year so far.

The majority of the visitors were from Scotland and England, but people came from as far afield as India and China.


82% said they would 'definitely visit again'

Cockermouth High Street Credit: ITV Border

A new visitor survey carried out by the town's Chamber of Trade, has revealed that the majority of visitors love what Cockermouth have to offer.

Questionnaires for visitors to complete were handed out in shops, galleries, eateries and accommodation providers.

More than 300 people responded, with almost 85% saying they would definitely visit again.

Almost 100% of people said the range of places to eat and drink was very good or good.

Around 70% said they had visited Cockermouth's independent shops, closely followed by its tea and coffee shops.

The last survey was carried out in 2006, but many changes have taking place since the town was left devastated by the 2009 floods.

The town centre was left devastated after the 2009 floods Credit: ITV Border

The Chamber of Trade decided that new information was needed about the town's visitors.