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Fundraising drive to recreate historic flight on Windermere

People are being offered the chance to help recreate one of the most famous flights in aviation history. A group of enthusiasts are building a replica of the Waterbird, Britain's first successful seaplane. It took it's maiden voyage over the Lake District 102 years ago today.

The group has run out of money and are inviting people to "adopt a share" in the seaplane replica to try to get it off the ground. Hannah McNulty has more.

The shares are being offered at the Old England Hotel in Windermere on Monday evening. To find out more about the Waterbird project click here

Waterbird shares available from £3

The price range for some of the parts available Credit: ITV News Border

People are being offered the chance to adopt part of the replica of Britain's first successful seaplane.

The Waterbird made its first flight from Windermere 102 years ago today.

A group of enthusiasts want to recreate the flight and are trying to raise £160,000 to finish the replica of the plane.

Waterbird Credit: ITV News Border

Shares cost from £3 to £500 each.

They are being sold off at the Old England Hotel in Windermere between 5.30pm and 7.30 pm tonight.


Replica of the Waterbird, the seaplane that flew over Windermere 100 years ago.

The rebuild is underway Credit: ITV Border
The plane takes shape Credit: ITV Border

Aviation enthusiasts are hoping to fly the plane this year but it's looking unlikely. They need £160,000 to finish the project and say the problem with getting more funding is they haven't got a date for the flight because they need an exemption in the speed limit on Windermere.

The Lake District National Park Authority say they hope it will happen this year

Row over speed limits could stop Waterbird flying onto Windermere

This is a similar plane Credit: PA

A replica is being constructed of the Waterbird, the first seaplane ever to successfully fly in Britain. It took part in a flight over Windermere in 1911. Gerry Cooper has been building it in Lincolnshire but the project has stalled just over half way, because the money has dried up.

They still need £160,000 to complete the plane and say the reason they can't get anymore funding is because they're awaiting an exemption from a bylaw which forbids travel of more than 10 miles an hour on Windermere.