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Rugby derby points 'more important to Whitehaven'

Training. Credit: ITV Border

Workington and Whitehaven go head to head in the Rugby League Championship this weekend.

Workington are currently bottom of the table with Whitehaven just a place above.

As well as local bragging rights two vital league points are also at stake.

There are a few of us around the eight points mark in the bottom three or four. So it is two points that are more vital for Whitehaven this weekend.

– James Robinson, Whitehaven RLFC


Merger: 'probably be the best way forward for both clubs'

A West Cumbrian sports reporter says the Rapley Report suggests a merger would "probably be the best way forward for both clubs".

Tom Carlisle from the News and Star says:

If a merger was to take place it would need the backing of the players, the fans, the clubs and all the major stakeholders".

– Tom Carlisle. News and Star

However the message from Whitehaven's board of directors is different, saying:

There is no overt recommendation of a merger within the report.

The possibility of a merger is no longer present"

– Whitehaven Board of Directors

Workington Town have so far declined to comment.

'The possibility of a merger is no longer present'

Whitehaven playing Workington Credit: ITV Border

Whitehaven Rugby League Club have denied the Rapley Report suggests the club should merge with rivals Workington Town.

Responding to the findings of Rapley report the club cites unhappiness at the funding for Championship clubs, before claiming:

the possibility of a merger is no longer present".

– Whitehaven Rugby League Club

The statement by the Board of Directors says:

It is pleasing that there is no overt recommendation of a merger within the report and thus we can continue down the path we have recently started of long term plans for the club".

– Whitehaven Board of Directors

The statement concludes: "With the above in mind and the possibility of a merger no longer present, the distraction of the Rapley report can be put behind us and the club can move forward with its own plans for expansion and re–development at the Recreation Ground".

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