Don Gailer leaves Whitehaven RLFC

Don Gailer will leave his post as head coach of Whitehaven Rugby League Football Club with immediate effect.

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£100k Scratchcard win for Whitehaven Mum

Carol Cartmell and her partner Mark Lewthwaite celebrate £100k win Credit: Paver Smith

Carol Cartmell, 41, had to "double take" at the £100,000 symbol on the scratchcard she bought today.

The mum-of-three from Whitehaven is celebrating after winning the top prize on The National Lottery's purple scratchcard.

Ms Cartmell says she cannot believe this has happened to her.

She said: "I was sitting in the car outside the shop scratching the card – never imagining that it would be a winner. I then saw the £100,000 symbol, it then appeared again – and then again for a third time. I literally did a double take as I just didn’t think this could be right."

The couple toast their top prize win Credit: Paver Smith

She is now planning on buying her own home and may even consider buying the council house she lives in.

The winning scratchcard was bought from the Spar in Whitehaven.


WW1 100 year anniversary

The First World War claimed the lives of men from virtually every town and village across the region. On August 4 it will be 100 years since Britain entered the First World War.

Whitehaven is planning to commemorate the war with a special parade in May and it's looking for ex-service people from all conflicts to come forward to take part.

Demolition team moves in on Whitehaven public toilets

Whitehaven toilet block
Whitehaven's public toilets, seen behind the digger in this picture. Credit: ITV BORDER

Despite a long campaign to keep them open, Whitehaven's public toilets are expected to be demolished today, March 19th.

Opponents have condemned the move, saying it's a huge inconvenience for local people and visitors to the town.

But Copeland Borough Council says it has no choice because of the cut backs in the money it receives from the Government.


Nurses in Whitehaven are national pioneers

A scheme that was pioneered at Whitehaven's main hospital 10 years ago is now being applied across the NHS.

The West Cumberland Hospital was the first to use specially trained nurses to assess whether patients need to stay the night or can return home to their families.

Ambulatory care units - as they are called - are now opening all over the country.

The one in Whitehaven has seen nearly 900 patients in the past 10 months alone - the vast majority of those were treated by the nurses and sent home on the same day.

Lee Evans to play Whitehaven

Comedian Lee Evans is due to play in Whitehaven in April Credit: PA

Comedian Lee Evans is due to play a gig in Cumbria in the Spring.

He will take to the stage at the Rosehill Theatre in Whitehaven on 25 April.

The comedy star, famous for is high energy performances, has also made is mark on the silver screen. He's appeared in numerous Hollywood films, including The Fifth Element, There’s Something About Mary and Night at the Museum.

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