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Cream tea to help bring Wigton man home from India

John Armstrong Credit: ITV Border

A cream tea is being held in Wigton today, to help bring a Cumbrian man home from India.

John Armstrong was arrested for suspected weapons offences in October 2013, while working as an anti-piracy guard in the Indian Ocean.

The charges against him, and five other men, were dropped, but the Indian police appealed, and the men will now have to stand trial.

Today is John's birthday, and it's hoped the cream tea, which is being put on by his sister, Joanne Thomlinson, will raise money, and awareness.

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Watch: sister speaks out about India trial

Joanne Thomlinson is speaking out, after learning that her brother is going to be standing trial in India.

John Armstrong was working as an anti-piracy guard in the Indian Ocean when he, and five other Brits, were arrested under suspicion of weapons offences.

The charges were dropped, but the Indian police force appealed the decision, and the men will now have to stand trial.

Watch Joanne's first TV interview, since she learned the news:



Cumbrian man detained in India expected to stand trial

Credit: John Armstrong

A man from Cumbria who has been detained in India for 21 months over alleged weapons offences has been told this morning he will go on trial.

John Armstrong, from Wigton, was one of six Britons detained in October 2013.

The charges were later dropped, but police in India appealed that decision and that appeal has now been upheld.

The men, who were part of a crew providing security for shipping, strongly deny the charges.

Community swimming pool saved from closure

Wigton pool was due to close in March.

Wigton's community swimming pool has been saved from closure.

The Wigton Baths Trust was granted ownership of the town's pool by Cumbria County Council on 23 March, and it'll officially run the pool from 31 March.

The council said financial cutbacks meant it couldn't afford to keep it open, and it was due to be closed.

But Alan Pitcher, Chair of the Trust, is confident they've got the financial power to keep it going:

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