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Exclusive: Former British soldiers leave Indian jail

ITV Border has exclusive pictures of the moment five former British soldiers held in jail in India for almost six months were released on bail.

Lawyers for the men, including John Armstrong from Wigton in Cumbria, say they're now confident of getting the charges against them thrown out so they can come home.

They were arrested on weapons charges on a ship which their company says was providing properly certificated protection to other vessels from pirate attacks.

Gregg Easteal reports.


Family's relief at Wigton man's release from Indian jail

The family of a man from Wigton who's been held in prison in India for the past six months have spoken of their relief that he's been released.

John Armstrong was jailed along with five other Brits in October last year, but was released on bail on Saturday, 5 April.

His family in Wigton told ITV Border that they were happy that he had been allowed to leave prison but didn't know what the next stage of the legal process would be.

They confirmed he was now staying at a local hotel.

Mr Armstrong and the other British men who have been held in India must stay in the country while they fight to have charges dropped.

They are being accused of entering Indian national waters illegally, despite their company AdvanFort insisting they had the correct papers.

Wigton man released on bail from Indian prison

The prison in India where John Armstrong was being held. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

A man from Wigton held in an Indian prison since October has left jail this morning.

John Armstrong is one of five British men who have been released on bail but must stay in India while they fight to have charges against them dropped.

Paul Towers from near York, remains in prison along with the captain of the ship they were working on. He was the most senior member of the six British men on board.

They were imprisoned almost six months ago after what they thought was a routine paperwork check aboard their security vessel Seaman Guard Ohio turned into them all being arrested.

Their company AdvanFort has always insisted the men were working to provide protection to other ships from pirate attacks, but the Indian courts have pressed weapons charges on the Brits.

Five of the six Britons were granted bail on Wednesday March 26 but have only just been released.

One of their bail conditions is that they can't leave the country. They could only return to the UK if charges against them are dropped.

Lawyers 'hopeful' ex-soldier will be released on bail

Lawyers acting for a Cumbrian man being held prisoner in India on weapons charges say they're hopeful he will be released at a bail hearing today.

John Armstrong from Wigton was one of six ex-soldiers who were working for a private security firm.

The men have been in prison in Chennai for more than four months.


'Poor conditions' for former soldiers in Indian prison

Six former British soldiers who are being held in prison in India on suspected weapons offences have made serious claims about their treatment in jail.

The men are security workers, and include John Armstrong from Wigton in Cumbria.

They told ITV News that they've been living in poor conditions while in prison which has left them scared and hungry.

Our correspondent Gregg Easteal sent this report from Chennai.

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