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25% of Scotland covered by woodland

Mark Rowe chopping trees Credit: ITV News Border

Almost a quarter of Scotland is covered by woodland, but it is only now that people are able to rent a forest and manage it themselves.

Mark Rowe, from Stranraer, is the first person in the country to become a woodlot licence holder.

Mark Rowe at work Credit: ITV News Border

By paying an annual fee to the land owner he will be able to generate an income from these woodlands at the Corsewall Estate near Stranraer, in return for helping with conservation.

Mr Rowe said:

"It's very hard to work in the woodland, there's not many opportunities to do so.

"I've put a five year management plan in so the first year is just generally tidying up, I'm not going to fell the whole place in 18 months, so I'm just cutting blocks here and there just to tidy it up a bit."


School children help plant new wood in Cumbria

Children from Castle Park school help plant the wood Credit: Friends of the Lake District

Conservation charity Friends of the Lake District has begun to plant a new wood on their land at the Helm, near Oxenholme, with the help of volunteers of all ages. School children were asked to help with the planting.

Judith Moore from Friends of the Lake District said:

"It is great to see the start of a new wood at the Helm. We’ve had lots of help in getting the trees planted, with groups from Centrica at Barrow, Unity College in Blackpool and Castle Park School, in Kendal helping plant as well as our regular volunteers and local people too."

More than 500 trees have been planted to start the new wood off – with 420 trees donated by the Woodland Trust and 56 more were paid for by people buying tree saplings as gifts.

The trees are a mix of oak, ask, hazel, birch, hawthorn and blackthorn and will be good for wildlife.

As part of the new wood, some sycamore trees will be felled, as there are too many. They'll be removed using a horse, a traditional method that is less damaging to the ground than machinery.

This is the first phase of the project, 500 trees will be planted over winter for the next two years.