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Drop-in session for Cumbria's new school

Stainburn will join with another school to form a new Academy, and will host the drop-in session today Credit: ITV Border

Parents. pupils and residents will be able to find out more about Cumbria's newest school at a public event today.

Two Workington Schools, Stainburn and Southfield Community Technology College, are being replaced by a single academy.

A drop-in session will be held from Midday at Stainburn School.

Southfield Technology College will merge with another school to form the new Academy Credit: ITV Border


Workington prepares for Uppies and Downies

Participants in a previous year's tournament Credit: ITV Border

Crowds are expected to gather in Workington to watch the first game in this year's Uppies and Downies tournament.

The game, which has been played for generations, will see the town split into two teams to battle it out to be hailed champions.

It all kicks off tomorrow at 6.30pm on the Cloffocks and competition is set to be fierce.

Factory closure 'devastating'

The factory will begin closing in the next few days.

The closure of the Eastman factory in Workington, with a loss of 152 jobs, has been called "devastating" by Allerdale Borough Council:

“This is devastating news – particularly for those 152 people who have lost their jobs. I feel for every one of them and their families – this is a truly terrible day.

“When you consider that in February this year, there were 1,114 jobseekers in Allerdale this is a huge increase in this area’s unemployment figures. That’s a rise of more than 13% and really puts into context how losing such a major employer is so detrimental to the local economy.

“When the threatened closure was first announced, we met with the management of Eastman, and with other agencies and employers in the area, to see what we could do to help, and I will make sure that these meetings continue.

“We want to be involved in securing the future of the site and we want to see employment back on there as quickly as possible. We will be speaking to the company and our partners in West Cumbria to make sure this happens.”

– Councillor Alan Smith, Leader of Allerdale Borough Council


Statement from Openreach

"Openreach engineers are working hard to repair seven underground cables that have been accidentally damaged by contractors working for another organisation.

It’s extremely regrettable when Openreach suffers any kind of damage to its network. Our priority is always to restore the services of those affected as quickly as possible, which is what we’re trying to do in this case.

Engineers have worked hard to provide temporary services to those affected while they press on with the main job of replacing the damaged cables.

Due to the severity of the damage it’s going to be a complex process, which could take a couple of weeks to finish. Temporary traffic lights are required to enable the engineers to carry out the work safely and with minimum disruption to local people.

As a result of this incident around 300 fault reports have been received by Openreach from customers with different service providers, but more people may be affected."

– Spokesperson for Openreach
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