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Emergency incident at west Cumbria college

Energy Coast UKC University Technical College Credit: ITV Border

Emergency services are dealing with an incident at a west Cumbrian college.

Police were called to Energy Coast UKC University Technical College, at Lillyhall in Workington shortly after 2pm following concerns that a number of people were feeling unwell.

One person was taken to West Cumberland Hospital and has since been discharged.

As a precautionary measure the college has been evacuated and roads closed. These roads have since reopened.

Emergency services are continuing with their investigations, however they say that the area is contained and there is no risk to the public.

All students and staff at the college have been accounted for and are safe. Parents are free to collect their children.

Historic Workington Hall remains 'at risk'

Curwen Hall, also known as Workington Hall. Credit: ITV Border

One of Cumbria's historic buildings, Curwen Hall in Workington, is still classed as "at risk".

The Grade One listed building, also known as Workington Hall, remains on the English Heritage at risk register, despite emergency repairs being carried out.

Allerdale Borough Council hope the completion of the work will see it removed from next year's list, meanwhile campaigners are still calling for it to be opened to the public.


Renewed appeal to find missing man in Workington

David Brannigan Credit: Cumbria Police

Police are renewing their appeal to find a 35-year-old man, who is missing and thought to be in the Workington area.

David Brannigan, from Cockermouth, went missing from his home in the town on Friday 28 August.

A dog walker believes he spoke to him in the Slag Banks area of Shorehills in Workington, on Sunday 30 August.

He was seen to have an injured right hand that was bandaged, and he was carrying a large clear water canister with a blue screw cap lid.

Then, on Monday, articles found near the shore led police to believe he had entered the water, though there is no confirmation of this.

We cannot be certain that Mr Brannigan entered the water and therefore have pursued numerous lines of enquiry.

As well as searching the water and coastline we have searched wooded areas, have reviewed CCTV, have spoken to members of the public and those who work in nearby shops and pubs.

We have also spoken to many taxi drivers as we are keen to establish how Mr Brannigan got to Workington from Cockermouth. Did you give him a lift? Did you see him hitch-hiking or walking?

Any information could be vital in tracing this missing man, and I would urge anyone who could assist the search to please come forward.”

– Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Ian Harwood

Anyone with information should contact Workington Police on 101.

Police renew appeal to find David Brannigan

David Brannigan Credit: Cumbria Police

Police have renewed their appeal to the public to help find a missing man from Cockermouth.

David Brannigan, 35, was seen late on Friday night (28 August) by his family at his home in the town.

He was reported missing, and since the police's first appeal they've been contacted by a dog walker, who believes he spoke to him on Sunday (30 August) at around 3:20pm.

This was in the slag banks area at Shorehills in Workington, at the highest point at the Workington cross.

He had an injured right hand that was bandaged, and he was carrying a large clear water canister with a blue screw cap lid.

The area where Mr Brannigan was seen on Sunday is frequented by members of the public, particularly dog walkers, and is not far away from Derwent Howe where local shops and restaurants are located. Did you see him in the area?

We are also keen to establish how Mr Brannigan got to Workington from Cockermouth. Did you give him a lift? Did he get on your bus or in your taxi? Did you seen him hitch-hiking or walking? Has he been in your shop or pub?

Any information, no matter how small, is vital to trace Mr Brannigan’s movements during this time and I urge anyone who could assist this search to come forward.”

– Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Ian Harwood

Articles found near the shore on Monday morning (31 August) led Police to think Mr Brannigan may have entered the water.

But there is still no confirmation of this, and detectives are continuing to pursue numerous lines of enquiry.

Anyone with information should contact them on 101.

Concern for missing 35-year-old Cockermouth man

David Brannigan Credit: Cumbria Police

Police are concerned for the welfare of a 35-year-old man who has gone missing from Cockermouth.

As part of an on-going search of the water in the Lighthouse area of Workington, Police are looking for David Brannigan, who was last seen on Friday (August 28th) at an address in Cockermouth.

He is described as a white male, of medium build, 6ft tall, with cropped, light brown hair. He has tattoos on both arms, a finger, and on an ankle.

Anyone with information is asked to call Cumbria Police on 101.

Articles found by a member of the public near to the shore at 10am this morning, led Police to believe that Mr Brannigan may have entered the water. We are therefore carrying out a thorough search of the area as a precaution.

However, there is no confirmation that he has gone into the water and we are appealing to anyone who may have seen Mr Brannigan today, or who has any information, to get in touch. We also urge Mr Brannigan to let Police know you are safe and well if you see this appeal.”

– Inspector Richard Smillie

Vandals damage Workington speedway track

Vandals caused more than £100,000 worth of damage at Workington speedway training track Credit: ITV

Vandals have caused more than £100,000 worth of damage to a Speedway training track in Workington.

A fire in the club house and slashes to the safety barriers have meant the team of volunteers have cancelled the Under 16 British Youth Championship, the biggest meeting on their calendar.

Paul Bickley, a volunteer a the track, said:

We are hoping we can repair some of the damage quickly and get the meeting rearranged. This track is for kids and I can't understand why anyone would target kids. It can't be an accident as walls for the new pits were smashed and the safety barriers slashed as well as the fire. We are going to do our best to get up and running as soon as possible as we know what it means to the kids that use it.

– Paul Bickley, Volunteer at
Safety barriers were slashed by vandals Credit: ITV


WATCH: Jane Pit memorial

Recent times and plans have been revealed for a permanent memorial to honour those who lived and died working in the mining industry in West Cumbria.

There were hundreds of pits employing thousands of men and even children.

And serious accidents involving large losses of life were not uncommon.

Paul Crone has been to Workington to see how plans for the memorial are progressing.

Plans to erect memorial to the Jane Pit miners

Mining was once a huge part of the Cumbrian economy. Credit: PA

There are plans to create a permanent memorial to miners at the Jane Pit in Workington.

The project , which is at an early stage, is being led by the town council who want to recognise the sacrifices of the pit workers.

The site closed in 1875.

WATCH: Workington Hall restoration works

Workington Hall Credit: ITV Border

It's a grade one listed building with a special place in the heart of West Cumbria.

But in recent years Workington Hall has been closed because it was deemed a danger to the public.

Around £250,000 has been spent on initial repairs.

Specialist conservation architect Jenny Gillatt who is supporting the restoration is hoping the repair works will allow the hall to reopen to the public in the near future.

Tune into Lookaround at 6pm tonight to see ITV Border's full report on the restoration works taking place at Workington Hall.

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