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Brazil's wings 'clipped' after 'brush' with Germany

Now, after their extraordinary defeat in the World Cup by Germany, Brazil is a nation in shock today.

And the effects of their exit has been felt far and wide, even as far as Cumbria, where one Brazilian resident is devastated after her beloved team's humiliation last night.

Paul Crone has been to the Brazilian Barber's in Carlisle, and as you can imagine, the mood was, shall we say, a bit subdued.

Update: Cumbrian vicar shares Brazil's World Cup fever

The World Cup in Brazil enters the quarter-final stages today.

Before the tournament started we spoke to Reverend Ben Phillips who was a vicar in Stanix, Carlisle, before he moved to Brazil with his family and three children two years ago.

He's now chaplain of Christ Church in Botafogo, the only English-speaking Anglican Church in Rio De Janeiro.

Neil Billingham caught up with Ben to see how he and his family are enjoying the World Cup experience.


Domestic violence 'will not be tolerated'

Cumbria Police isworking to reduce the number of domestic violence incidents during this year's World Cup. Research shows that during major football tournaments domestic violence can increase.

Research released as part of the Woman's Aid campaign showed that across England during the 2010 World Cup:

  • Domestic violence increased by 27.7 per cent when England beat Slovenia 1-0.
  • Household violence increased by 31.5 per cent when England were knocked out losing 4-1 to Germany.

“It is a sad fact that historically, domestic violence increases during such events as the World Cup. Therefore putting in place schemes such as these is to be welcomed. I believe we must all do what we can to reinforce the message that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated, and in order to achieve this partners and agencies, along with Cumbria Constabulary, must work together to reach as many groups as possible.”

– Richard Rhodes, Police and Crime Commissioner

Crackdown on domestic violence during World Cup

Cumbria Police say they will be running a crackdown on domestic violence during the World Cup.

When the tournament was last staged back in 2010, reported incidents doubled during the course of the competition compared with the same period of time the previous year.

The force says that domestic violence will not be tolerated, and they are working with a wide range of support services to provide help for victims.

A Cumbrian taste of World Cup fever from Rio

It's just two days to go until the World Cup gets underway in Brazil.

The build-up has been marred by strikes and street protests at the cost of hosting the world's biggest sporting event.

But there's little doubt that come Thursday 12 June, most of the country's 200 million people will be glued to the television.

One man who can tell us about world cup fever is vicar Ben Phillips - who moved from Carlisle to Rio de Janeiro with his family two years ago.

Neil Billingham spoke to him earlier via Skype.


Join Team Border in our World Cup head count

37 days to find 32 people Credit: PA

The World Cup starts in Rio, Brazil, in 37 days and Team Border are looking for 32 people, one of every World Cup nationality.

A Spaniard in Selkirk? An Australian in Aspatria? A Costa Rican in Carlisle?

Who knows if we even have all 32 nationalities in the region but it's our World Cup goal to find out.

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Border's World Cup head count: Be on our team

It's 42 days until the 2014 World Cup begins in Rio, Brazil Credit: PA

World Cup fever has hit us at ITV Border, and we're looking for people in our region from all of the countries taking part.

Do we have all 32 World Cup nationalities in the Border region? Who knows but it could be fun trying to find out!

Whether you’ve been living in the region for years or if you’ve just arrived, we want to hear from you.

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Border's World Cup head count - we need your help!

A Colombian in Cumbria? A Brazilian in the Borders? A South Korean in the South Lakes?

With the World Cup starting in Brazil on 12 June, ITV Border is looking for someone from each of the 32 countries taking part.

You might have been living in our region for years or just here for a couple of months. Whatever your story, we want to hear from you and we want include you in our World Cup head count.

Do we have all 32 nationalities in our region? Who knows but it could be fun trying to find out!

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