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World record attempt is blooming hard work

Record breakers? an army of volunteers plant some of the 100,000 daffodil bulbs Credit: ITV News

An army of volunteers is trying to break a World record at Lowther Castle, near Penrith.

Around five hundred hardy souls, aged from two to 85, signed up to help plant 100,000 daffodil bulbs.

If they succeed it will be the most daffodil bulbs planted in one go.

Penrith egg throwing record attempt

The world record for the longest throw of a raw egg could soon belong to a group in Penrith.

The current record is set at 98 meters. The contestant has to throw a raw egg further, but that's not all... the egg has to be caught by a partner and remain unbroken.

The Penrith Rugby Union Club's event is called 'Laid With Love' - it is just one of the events taking place at a fun day on August 4.


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Curlers break world record

Curlers in action Credit: ITV Border
World record breaking curlers Credit: ITV Border

A group of curlers from Dumfries have beaten the world record for the longest ever game.

They have smashed the previous world record of 57 hours.

The curlers began their game on Thursday and beat the previous record by around five hours.

The record now has to be verified by Guinness World Records

World record curling

The world record attempt is taking place in Dumfries Credit: ITV Border

Curlers in Dumfries will find out today if they have entered the record books.

They started their gruelling challenge at 10 am on Thursday and are aiming to play continuously for 72 hours. They'll pass that mark at 7pm tonight (Saturday 3rd March).

The record is currently 57 hours and 44 seconds.

Curlers' world record attempt

The curlers prepare to start their world record attempt Credit: ITV Border

Ten curlers from Dumfries and Galloway are this morning bidding to break the world record for the longest game.

It currently stands at 57 hrs and 44 secs and was set by a Canadian team.

The record attempt at the Dumfries Ice Bowl will take the players until Sunday to complete.