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WATCH: high-flying wrestlers in Egremont

A year after it opened, the owner of a wrestling school in Egremont is preparing for a huge show for two of his wrestlers.

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Enter the armlock academy

Professional wrestler Johnny Moss has set up his very own wrestling school in his home town of Egremont in West Cumbria.

He's passing on his bodyslams and powerbombs to a new generation of wrestlers as Paul Crone's been finding out.

Cumbria gets 'Hard Knocks and Hammerlocks'

A new generation of Cumbrian wrestlers could be on the rise, as a wrestling school's been set up in Egremont.

Johnny Moss has been a professional wrestler for 17 years, and he's hoping to inspire more people to get involved in the sport at the new Johnny Moss School of Hard Knocks and Hammerlocks.

Full Report: Dumfries wrestler goes for gold

It has been the invisible sport, but now professional American style wrestling has been re-branded and now a Dumfries based wrestler is about to contest a major title.

Liam Watson will soon face the National Heavyweight Champion.

His progress has been rapid as he only began training as a wrestler three years ago in a sport that is making something of a comeback.

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