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WATCH: Young drivers take the wheel

A scheme is underway in the Scottish Borders to teach young teenagers how to drive, long before they're old enough to take the test.

The idea is to build their road awareness skills, and ensure they're fully prepared to take the wheel.

ITV Border's Matthew Taylor has this report.

ITV Fixers: Young drivers tackle road safety issues

Every four days a young person dies, or is seriously injured, in an accident on the Border region's roads.

It is the single biggest killer of young adults in the UK, and now a group of young people - including some from our region - are tackling the issue. They want to influence a forthcoming government Green Paper on young drivers.

They gathered at a special event, with celebrities and politicians, in London, hosted by Fixers, the campaign that gives young people a voice:

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Parents 'hold key to safe driving'

Parents are being asked to help drive home the road safety message to educate young motorists in Carlisle about the dangers of wreckless driving.

Statistics show young drivers, particularly those who've recently passed their test, are at the biggest risk of death and serious injury.

Cumbria County Council's Fire and Rescue Service is asking parents in Carlisle to make attending a road awareness training (RAT) course at Carlisle West Fire Station a condition of handing over the car keys.

The pilot scheme is aimed at young motorists aged between 17 and 24.

The 'Parents hold the keys to safer driving' campaign will involve driving instructors handing out leaflets and letters to parents of young motorists they're teaching.

Firefighters will be on hand to distribute leaflets and talk to parents at Sainsbury's between 10am and 3pm.

"When young drivers pass their test they often get behind the wheel and think they're invincible- but the statistics show they're not.

"Young motorists are far more likely than other age groups to be involved in road traffic collisions with around one in four people killed on Cumbria's roads being under the age of 25.

"Given that parents often pay for driving lessons and even buy their children their first car - we think parents can hold the key to safer driving and perhaps even make attending our road safety sessions a condition of buying their first car."

– Anthony Rooney, Crew Manager, Carlisle West Fire Station