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Business benefits from D&G job scheme

A scheme to help young people into work in Dumfries and Galloway has been deemed a great success, by the people now working in the region.

The project, run by the council, sees employers able to claim a six month wage subsidy to support the employment of young people.

Since April 35 young recruits have been employed in Wigtownshire alone, thanks to the scheme.

Our reporter Fiona McIlwraith went along to one business in Stranraer that has benefited from the scheme.

'You get to learn new things every day'

Helmet Integrated Systems in Stranraer Credit: ITV Border

A scheme in Dumfries and Galloway is helping young people get into work. Georgie Hardie started working at Helmet Integrated Systems in Stranraer earlier this year.

She was taken on a with eight others young people after the business won a new contract. The job has allowed her to stay where she grew up and she would encourage others to do the same.

"I started working here on the young recruits initiative because the job market in Stranraer is very low just now, and it was a way of teaching someone how to do the job, while getting paid to do the job as well and I do really enjoy it. You do a lot of different jobs and you get to learn new things every day and work with different people and it is a good job yeah."



Drop-in for young voters in Galashiels

A drop-in session is being held for young people and first time voters in the Scottish Borders ahead of the Scottish Referendum.

It is the first UK poll in which 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote.

On Saturday 23rd August advice will be given about registering to vote will be given to first time voters in Galashiels Market Square from 11am - 4pm.

'There's no shame in asking for help'

All this week we've been reporting on Mental Health issues, the stigma behind them, and the affect it can have on friends and family of victims. Our latest report focussed on mental illness in the young.

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Paul Brown, Communications Director from the Prince's Trust, a charity that helps improve the lives of young people, explained more about the extent of the problem:

Mental health and young people

For our fourth day of Mental Health Awareness week, we're looking at how young people are affected by mental health issues.

A report by the Princes Trust showed that 17 per cent of young people in the North West experienced symptoms of mental illness as a direct result of unemployment.

  • In the UK, there are 1 million young people struggling to find a job
  • Of those 40% have had symptoms of mental illness, that's 400,000 young people
  • 1-in-3 of long term young unemployed people have contemplated suicide

Steve was unemployed for eight years and developed mental health issues during this time.

He found help from the Prince's Trust and now works to help other young people who face unemployment.

"I was unemployed for eight years, and suffered from depression and anxiety on a daily basis. Being out of work knocked my confidence and made me feel like a failure. I felt I had nothing to offer, so I couldn’t see why anyone would ever want to employ me. The longer I was unemployed, the worse I felt about myself. Things got so bad that I rarely left the house."

– Steve, The Prince's Trust

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Fears over 'brain drain' in Lake District

Lake District National Park rangers have asked young people if there is enough for them to do in Cumbria. The answer was largely no.

The result is many cannot see any other option than moving away for work or training which could leave a brain drain in the county as young people choose to head south instead.

The National Park has started to address their concerns by getting a group of just over 20 together for a fun day, while hearing what the main barriers are for them enjoying life in South Cumbria and staying here when they are older.