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Sheep disrupt south of Scotland motorway traffic

The sheep have now been cleared. Credit: PA

Police have cleared sheep from the M74 motorway in Dumfries and Galloway.

They were affecting northbound traffic at junction 19, but have now been returned to their fields.


'Major backlog of highways maintenance' warns roads chief

The Director of the RAC Foundation is warning people across the south of Scotland and Cumbria that there is a major roads maintenance backlog.

Steve Goodring says that individual councils are doing what they can with limited budgets, but that people shouldn't have to deal with damaged cars due to potholes.

It's been announced that Dumfries and Galloway Council has received the fifth-highest number of pothole compensation claims of all Scottish councils in the last year.

Almost 300 claims were made, but only 28 of these were successful. In total, the council paid out more than £6,000 to claimants.

Over 300 speeding offences recorded in Longtown

322 motorists have been caught speeding in Longtown Credit: PA

In the last three months, police have issued 322 notices of intended prosecution (NIP) for speeding offences in Longtown.

The highest speed an offending vehicle has been caught at 60mph, double the speed limit on that stretch of the A7.

Police were responding to concerns by local residents to clamp down on speeding motorists.

“Following the work we have conducted, it is clear that there is a large scale non-compliance issue for the 30mph speed limit within Longtown. On one of our deployments we found that 87 vehicles were travelling over the speed limit. This is simply not acceptable as lives are being put at risk due to reckless speeding in a built-up area."

– Sergeant Katie Rickerby
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