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  1. Hannah Lomas

Carlisle City Council 'top target' for Labour in elections.

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Credit: ITV Border

Labour leader Ed Miliband was in Carlisle for a Q and A session with party members on Monday night. The city council is the 'top target' in the North East and Cumbria at next month's elections, 13 years after the Party lost control of it.

Speaking to ITV Border's Hannah Lomas at the Richard Rose Morton Academy, Mr Miliband admitted they had lost touch in the past but said the Conservative - Liberal Democrat coalition '"hadn't delivered" in the city.

"Even if tough times you need a party that's on your side and wheter it's on living standards or on jobs and creating jobs which is a big emphasis of Labour's campaign here or on crime and anti-social behaviour which is again a big part of our campaign."

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