Scottish Secretary welcomes outcome of independence consultation

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore Credit: ITV Border

The Borders MP and Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore has welcomed the outcome of a public consultation on Scottish Independence. Mr Moore said that 75% of the 2,857 respondents agreed that there should be a SINGLE question on Scotland’s constitutional future.

The SNP government in Edinburgh is in favour of a second question, the so called ‘devo max’ option. Mr Moore also highlighted the 70% support for the vote to take place sooner rather than later. Mr Salmond’s team who want to see the vote delayed until the autumn of 2014.

75% support single question Credit: ITV Border

In a radio interview the Scottish Secretary admitted that a quarter of the responses to the government’s consultation exercise came from a ‘standard text’ on the Labour party’s website.

This led the Scottish government minister Bruce Crawford to call for the UK consultation to be subject to independent scrutiny, a call firmly rejected by Michael Moore.