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People in Hawick are having problems with the Vodafone signal for the second time in a fortnight

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Hundreds of residents in Hawick affected by loss of service

Hundreds of people in Hawick are unable to receive texts or phonecalls as Vodafone's mobile service fails for the second time in a fortnight.

Local MSP John Lamont, who contacted Vodafone to get their services up and running last week, has called on them to compensate local customers and businesses who are now starting to lose out due to their loss of coverage.

John Lamont MSP said,

“This situation is now getting completely out of hand. After apparently fixing the situation last week, their coverage has once again gone down in Hawick inconveniencing hundreds of local residents. When so many of us now rely on having a mobile phone for everyday life, we cannot afford to be left without service on such a frequent basis.

Small businesses in the area are now losing out on custom and starting to suffer. This is totally unacceptable and Vodafone must offer reasonable compensation to those they have affected so badly through their poor coverage. When they are failing to provide the service which customers have paid for it is only right that Vodafone should pay out to those who have lost money. "

– John Lamont MSP

In response Vodaphone released this statement:

"We would like to apologise to our customers in Hawick who were again affected by a loss of mobile coverage yesterday (Wednesday). We understand how frustrating it is when they cannot use their mobile devices. The loss of mobile coverage was caused by third party contractors working on the site that the mast in Hawick links into. Our engineers visited the site yesterday to carry out a temporary repair and services were been restored. We will have to switch off the mast for a limited time later today while a permanent repair is put in place. "

– Vodaphone

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