Shafilea Ahmed murder case: Wednesday

The case into the murdered teenager Shafilea Ahmed is continuing. Shafilea's body was found by a Cumbrian river five months after she disappeared.

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Alesha Ahmed breaks down in tears as she describes sister's murder

The sister of Shafilea Ahmed broke down in tears today as she described the moment she witnessed her parents allegedly murdering her sister. She was 15 at the time and has kept the secret for seven years. Mrs Ahmed wiped tears from her eyes as she listened to her daughter's evidence.

Alesha Ahmed told Chester Crown Court she heard her mother, Farzana Ahmed, say "Just finish it here" as she and her husband Iftikhar forced a plastic bag into Shafilea's mouth and suffocated her to death in front of their other children.

Asked about the night of the murder by Andrew Edis QC, Alesha said her parents pushed Shafilea on to their settee. She said she could not remember which parent said to grab her leg. Alesha then said her mother grabbed a plastic bag from a nearby stool.

"First of all, they put it in her mouth, then they put their hands over her," she told the court.

"You could tell she was gasping for air," she said.

Asked what happened next, she replied: "That was it, she was gone."

Mr Edis asked her what her parents did next.

She said: "They carried on with their hands still on her mouth, even when she had stopped struggling."

– Alesha Ahmed speaking to Andrew Edis QC in court

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