Evening cancer services campaign launched

A campaign to bring 'Hospice at Home at night services' to the South Lakes has been launched.

Hospice at Home at night campaign launched

A campaign to bring ‘hospice at home at night’ services to the South Lakes has been launched.

The local MP Tim Farron has written to Dr Hugh Reeve asking him to bring in this service. Hugh as the Chair of the GP consortia which has the role of commissioning services for patients in South Lakeland.

Currently after 7pm there is no hospice at home service in South Lakes. Each time a person has to call out an ambulance or get emergency help over night it costs the NHS around £3,000.

Currently there is a ‘hospice at home at night’ being run in Barrow which cares for 200 people a year. Estimates put the potential savings of a ‘hospice at home at night’ service for South Lakes at around £1 million a year for the NHS.

Tim commented:

"Our campaign to bring cancer treatment services has gone fantastic well, we now have chemotherapy services at Westmorland General and we are far down the road to bring radiotherapy as well. But for me I want to bring high quality palliative care to our area too. I think ‘hospice at home at night’ would be a fantastic addition to our local health services. I hope that GP commissioners back this campaign and agree to look at the feasibility of bringing this service to the South Lakes.” _

– Tim Farron MP

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