Wickerman festival warning

Dumfries and Galloway police are warning revellers going to the Wickerman Festival to be aware of the dangers of substance abuse.

Wickerman warning

Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary and other partners are reminding people going to the Wickerman festival of the dangers of over indulgence substance misuse.

In particular consuming excess alcohol and the perils of New Psychoactive substances.

Inspector Amanda Scott , Community Safety Inspector, Galloway Division says:

“We do recognise that the Wickerman Festival 2012 is a family festival however it would be amiss of us if we and our partners did not alert the public about the significant dangers of the over indulgence of substance use. We have seen elsewhere of the horrific consequences that are apparent and along with the Wickerman festival organisers we would like to ensure Wickerman 2012 is enjoyable experience for all”

– Inspector Amanda Scott

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