Meningitis awareness campaign

Cumbrians are being urged to be aware of early signs of meningitis as part of a new campaign.

NHS Cumbria join meningitis awareness campaign

Health professionals in Cumbria are reminding people of the early signs of meningococcal disease, as part of a national Meningitis Awareness campaign.

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) estimates that about 3,400 people contract bacterial meningitis and associated septicaemia in the UK each year.

In Cumbria 39 patients were admitted into hospital with meningitis over the last two years. As part of the campaign people are being reminded to look out for signs of the disease which can be mistaken in its early stages for flu or a hangover.

“If you notice any of the symptoms of meningitis, particularly in a young child, seek medical help immediately.”

– Dr Nigel Calvert, Associate Director of public health NHS Cumbria

Common early symptoms of the disease are:

  • - a rash that does not fade when pressed with a glass;
  • - sudden high fever;
  • - a severe headache;
  • - severe neck stiffness;
  • - dislike of bright lights;
  • - cold hands and feet;
  • - drowsiness/fever.

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