Moore in Independence talks with Sturgeon

Borders MP Michael Moore meets with Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today to discuss the terms of an independence vote.

It's hoped this will pave the way for a summit between Alex Salmond and David Cameron.

The two governments have been at odds since the start of the year.

The UK Government has offered to devolve specific powers to make a Yes/No poll legal.

But the Scottish Government has refused to accept their terms, saying it wants a multi-option referendum with a question on 'devo max'.

"I believe it is essential to sort out the referendum process so that we can move on to the real debate about Scotland’s future. I hope Nicola Sturgeon’s appointment and the mood music coming from the Scottish Government are a sign that we can make real progress in these referendum talks. I believe we can reach an agreement on an independence referendum that will be legal, fair and decisive."

– Michael Moore, Scottish Secretary and Borders MP

"I'm glad that Michael Moore has accepted my invitation to meet this week, following the productive talks I had last Thursday with David Mundell. I'm looking forward to another positive discussion, which will help pave the way for a meeting between the First Minister and Prime Minister to conclude the referendum negotiations.We can then move on to debating the issues and persuading people to vote Yes to an independent Scotland."

– Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister